Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty 2011 review - trailer

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Pearl Jam century, Crowe, a former resident and friend of the famous band in Seattle, and brings journalistic skills and then get to the facts of the emergence of the state and its evolution and current rock band led by Eddie Vedder.

Must have for fans of Pearl Jam - for people who get a taste of the pressures that come with fame and - Crow and document a great day with archive material, old, videos of presentations of the charm of the club will have a contemplative emerging Vader the player asshole Jeff guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready and drummer Matt Cameron are sitting today. (Pearl Jam has a great drummer in his way was now 20-21 - years, and only if a film crew in danger, and the staff are very dangerous, and cut a piece of this is the backbone to communicate with regret drummer misfortune assistants false).

Pearl Jam begins with twenty pictures of Andrew Wood, the legendary singer Mother Love Bone, Gossard asshole and run during the final 80 years together. Wood died (Jack Black, a couple) from a heroin overdose at the age of 24 and the division of the band. Posted born from the ashes of Pearl Jam, and is based on the test strip of the type of server in San Diego, deep voice, fly, nice Vedder to Seattle and met with the group.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moneyball 2011 review - trailer

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Such as cold beer in the tile sky, when he was a player in the line of the day, perfect hot, like a half long, slow and seventh - "Moneyball" satisfied.

Sports defender of the theater is the home of the deeper truths in a modest smile of "Moneyball" is an outer film dry, and value, it is easy to drive and take a little more than talent to be solid entertainment.

After all, can not adapt to a fantasy film about a book of Mr. narrative journalist Michael Lewis, the gold standard script by Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin? I can not go wrong with the personality of the golden boy role is played by Brad Pitt and corny caricature Jonah Hill? What a fool is a major American sports hit "moral victory to come back - all in the sleeping area, and pastoral reminds all Americans and the values ​​of a perfect past?

The answer, of course, a filmmaker who dares, is fattening, good relations with the bone or the technical apparatus of unnecessary melodrama. Fortunately, the "Moneyball" - which was briefly fell into the hands of Steven Soderbergh with another professional - Bennett Miller, who was very intelligent, he has to offer the story of Truman Capote on the big screen in 2005 film "Capote."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Killer Elite 2011 review - trailer

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The "Killer Elite" This is a story that cleverly found a way to explain why two teams of former SAS wants to inspire others to kill. Decreased ability to mold, here are Jason Statham and Clive Owen, which is really no reason not to love one another, and participate in a game of death of the international assassin. Robert De Niro plays abducted by the Sheikh of Oman, which are used to calculate that there is no team there is no reason for concern, and that's basically what's at stake is their professionalism has developed.

Incredibly, it must be based on the facts of this story. Based on the author of the novel is supposed Ranulph Fiennes on his experiences in the real world, and even the author of the appearance of their work. I think the basis for a realistic and may be a few degrees of separation from the pure fact of the act, but you never know, and the latest films to show how the "The Debt" organizations spy on events that seem to arise from fiction to participate.

History: De Niro plays Hunter, Danny Mentor (Jason Statham). They were both qualified. Danny was one of those rituals, where men work, and decided to stop the killing and was in need of unity in a remote part of outback Australia. He was living there with the beautiful Anna (Yvonne Elliman), in the strict sense of the word is not particularly important to the plot. Life in the past is still there after the kidnapping of Sheikh oil by Danny Hunter. Sheikh wants revenge on the killers of his son, and he knows that Danny is the best player in the world, and is calculated correctly that you save only for the dear Lord, to bring him back to work.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie Review : Puncture 2011 & trailer

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What happens to the heroes go to the cinema abroad against the heavyweights, without scruples or moral, is that you do not want to disappoint him a hero. Hole by sister team Adam Mark, and money, which tells the true story that the filmmakers may have been an unreliable prison, insane and irresponsible. The film revolves around a farm in 1990 in Texas, end of story touches on the pharmaceutical industry and the AIDS epidemic, which is important, but the necessary elements for a New Yorker instead of the movie and here the focus is about a rare personality to say the least! A McCain aide.

Ambition is certainly an interesting movie, but without a lot of coverage of the festival, who played only in Tribeca critics and cheerleaders, and can not hole many waves in the independent film at the box office, despite the similarities with other members of the Public Ministry is normal for kiss movie called Erin Brockovich.

Press releases describing the end of White, Mike, Chris Evans may have played a toowell as "the work of a drug addict." Do not know how to note that the definition of "performance". In the first moments of the film, thanks to Mike made a big deal, because it is clearly a time of rejoicing diver induced by drugs. He then studied mentally.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Straw Dogs 2011 review - trailer

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This new version of "Straw Dogs" is an adaptation from the point near the Sam Peckinpah movie in 1971. Relocate from England to Mississippi, and change the world of mathematics as a writer, you keep the bear trap in the sink and found a cat, and tells the same story. It is very violent. I found a visceral, disturbing and well made.

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in the role originally created by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George is educated and his wife, who comes from a rural area where you can transfer the work to be played alone. There is something unsettling about this interesting man and a woman in a bakery for the residents, and what begins as a subtle competition for land rights (the Darwinian sense) has become a relentless battle for the real murderers. The lesson is that the nerd, the capacity for great violence in the home and women are at risk. At first I did not know.

There is something in me in 40 years since the publication of "Straw Dogs" and the original X rating in Britain was banned from theaters. Four decades of violence hardening of the screen to me, and I'm not susceptible to images of brutality and chaos. If Peckinpah was known for his violence, his masterpiece, considered "The Wild Bunch" (1969) in some circles, unpublished. Greet him, and after drawing the line in "Straw Dogs", which kind of crossed the line with me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Restless 2011 review - trailer

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Overheard in the mad crush to get into this morning’s overcrowded screening of Gus Van Sant’s Restless: Woman A says to Woman B, in French-accented English, “What is your problem?” Woman B says to Woman A: “Your being a bitch is my problem!” Ah, Cannes! Where the weather is warm, the selection of movies is vast, and film journos and critics are ready to kill each other by Day 2.

But it’s all good. The crowd seemed to have simmered down by the time the Restless end credits rolled, and many responded with affectionate applause. I feel warmly toward Restless too: The picture (which opens the festival’s Un Certain Regard sidebar) is so fluttering and tender, so guileless, that you almost can’t believe it was made by an old hand like Van Sant. Then again, maybe you can. Annabel (Mia Wasikowska) and Enoch (Henry Hopper, son of Dennis) play somber teenagers who meet at a memorial service. Enoch is haunted by the death of his parents — he lost them suddenly in an accident. Annabel has her own secret, spilled early on: She’s dying of cancer. They fall in love, quickly and fervently, knowing only doom and sadness await them — and they’ve never even seen Love Story.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Warrior 2011 review - trailer

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If the "warrior" was a boxing movie, I'd say these three things: solid drama. Great performance. Classic.

But the film is a mixture of martial arts, and more beast than the sub-type. So my comments are three: the solid drama. Great performance. Ouch. If you have not seen in mixed martial arts or MMA, you will understand the "ouch". There is nothing more painful in the emergence of organized sports today, if you count the presidential election.

"Warrior" by Gavin O'Connor ("Miracle"), directed, and said a lot of his story of rival brothers, sand, sweat and even if not very accurate.

Joel Edgerton plays Brendan, a professor of physics and help veterans of the "cage" for his family, Tom Hardy, Tommy, and younger brother with mental retardation, stubborn, and Nick Nolte in pop music, Paddy, EX - Tommy drunk and moves and goals, as they are, with the son you success. They have none of it. They have each other when a pair of nursing grudges them again to deny the family and the lives of poor Tommy with his dead mother.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contagion 2011 review - trailer

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I saw a bunch of scary movie. But there's nothing like the horror of the sight of plunging his hand into a bowl of nuts at a bar at the airport, and therefore lead to death in the transmission. Here is the fear of shit movie with the medical school on the B virus can cause immediately after the impact of screening a wave of hand washing, which leads to side effects for a refreshing dip in air traffic is long and effect term makes you think you forgot that screwed us all.

With the discovery of new viruses every week (and can spread dramatically in 30 steps from 1000 to 1000 million), which is very good. Made with attention to detail and realistic beset by cold and Steven Soderbergh, the infection begins to cough, and a working mother named Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow). Pitt felt a kind of punk, and return to meet with businessmen in Hong Kong from her husband (Matt Damon) and his young son in Minneapolis. In the House, the house suddenly feels bad, then decays with cramps, fever and cerebral hemorrhage and died. No spoiler, which slows the release: House is the human face to start taking what is a global pandemic. (This is not the last we see Paltrow, or is this an excellent tour, only to return as a significant presence in the memories of the past). The infection spreads his death argument persuasive and treacherous and not home runs early in the epidemiology of such Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, what they are looking for the source of all the new viral mutation and its antidote. If the current increase of international travel is the ability to feel the world is very small, and the downside is that everyone, everywhere, is just coughing, shaking hands or rub the eye infections in the world.


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