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Seven Days in Utopia 2011 review - trailer

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Under the title "Seven Days in Utopia" may suggest a trip level of metaphor or irony, but it is literally and seriously as anyone in this drama inspired: Refers to the hero spends a week in the small town of Utopia, Texas. Played by Lucas Black, is a young player of the new Pro Circuit beginning humiliating and receives life-changing advice from the spirit of old farming family - Robert Duvall, lighter version and scientists from various countries who brought to life in decades.

With the Golf Channel commentators and actors involved in such KJ Choi, and the film carries an official confirmation. Based on the book by David L. Cook, "Golf's Sacred Journey," which like "it plays as a "Zen and the Art of the Links," he jokes with the persuasion of the Bible Belt.

When Luke Chisholm (Black) crashes his car on the fence by Johnny Crawford (Duval) belong to him the hand of Providence is a professional with a higher calling. Take some time before the movie is its tendency explicitly religious, but never questioning the safety utopia.

Father figure to replace the widow of Johnny, who runs a strong dinner (Melissa Leo) is the atmosphere, and there are interesting people to fight. With a white wooden church, social activities and the city, fireworks and fireflies, each one is so small grow - but the height of the speeches, at least not love beautiful horses Locke Lord (Deborah Ann Wall).

Golf Course enlightenment / life lead to a religious belief, but it is the birthplace of Johnny with a wealth of scenery pictures of teaching non-traditional, including fishing and flying light aircraft. It did not give any real collisions on the road, and if he had moments of drama and to keep Frank as land area of ​​Texas, and the denial of the summer.

Said Matthew Russell, Dean's first film to be expressed in simple terms of each note, and the players of the loan, regardless of depth and can be found. Even without the tension or the animation is terrible contradiction Duval watchable. Black, who worked with him last year, "Get Low" and the film, smooth edges and dark beats quickly, since it deals with all disputes that may arise.
Trailer :
Director: Matt Russell
Writers: David Cook (screenplay), Rob Levine (screenplay), and 3 more credits
Stars: Lucas Black, Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo


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