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Straw Dogs 2011 review - trailer

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This new version of "Straw Dogs" is an adaptation from the point near the Sam Peckinpah movie in 1971. Relocate from England to Mississippi, and change the world of mathematics as a writer, you keep the bear trap in the sink and found a cat, and tells the same story. It is very violent. I found a visceral, disturbing and well made.

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in the role originally created by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George is educated and his wife, who comes from a rural area where you can transfer the work to be played alone. There is something unsettling about this interesting man and a woman in a bakery for the residents, and what begins as a subtle competition for land rights (the Darwinian sense) has become a relentless battle for the real murderers. The lesson is that the nerd, the capacity for great violence in the home and women are at risk. At first I did not know.

There is something in me in 40 years since the publication of "Straw Dogs" and the original X rating in Britain was banned from theaters. Four decades of violence hardening of the screen to me, and I'm not susceptible to images of brutality and chaos. If Peckinpah was known for his violence, his masterpiece, considered "The Wild Bunch" (1969) in some circles, unpublished. Greet him, and after drawing the line in "Straw Dogs", which kind of crossed the line with me.
Rod Lurie, director of the facility and this version does not have the material to the accused may have changed my feelings. Maybe I'm more in touch with them now and see how house-to-end strikes the film. I fear, the hero of the story to me and I think the lack of masculinity. Not since the school did not volunteer to fight. Do not shoot a gun, except for ROTC classes, and I have never touched a weapon. I avoid physical confrontation. If someone tries to be allowed by reducing output.

I trust in society to protect me. I was always afraid that he can not do for themselves. A man who does not admit it, but it makes no sense to deny. Well, here is David Marsden plays a Hollywood screenwriter, who moved with his wife Amy (Kate Bosworth), and was back in his hometown on the Gulf coast, where they were living in a house with a good shed heavily damaged by the hurricane. And Amy was a cheerleader in school here and went to California, and has achieved some success in the TV series of the crime.

The first day to go to the bar and grill, where any reasonable person knows how to make an immediate change in everything and go. You have to see this place in dozens of films. Everybody knows everybody. They live in a bar in the macho culture where violence is always near the surface. Because the beauty queen riding past with her new husband (who wears glasses and drives Jaguar Peckinpah classic movies classic), and passive aggressive look. Comments can be made that does not mean just to be heard.

Charlie approached (Alexander Skarsgård), a school friend of Amy, your booth to say hello He's tall, muscular, and fear, and friendly interface. To deal with David for a very nice gesture. You know what I mean. Smiles easily on pace is nice and gentle condescension. Reflects his attitude: "I can not be an ass behind bar to be like you, but if it makes you feel better, and I intend to be."

No luck. Contracted with Charlie and his gang to repair the barn. Aggression develops implied. Coming to work early. David climbing shoes in the awakening cheat is to make a complaint. A crew member walks into the room and allows multiple beers, and complains that it is cold enough. Charlie David laments. "Trust us," said Charlie. There is no way to improve this situation.

Local men are sex offenders in a position to rape. Amy, who comes from their culture, and feel as your eyes drink her breast in the race T-shirt. David suggested that maybe I should wear a bra. It is offensive that they can not wear what you want on your property. Later, he commits an act of sexual provocation to men to psychological abuse, or they may simply stupid.

The subplot about how the city centers Soccer School and the local church, including sports and guarantee the debt. One of the patrons of the bar is the former coach, Tom Heddon (James Woods). You can, if he had trained this man affected by the wonder of the cycle of local generation. James Woods is intriguing on paper: medium, hard and all hell broke quickly.

Situation is reduced to a place on the farm, Charlie and others are trying to cause breakage and damage. This means the passage of cold chaos continues, and more violent than we are accustomed, because the film a lot of violence is still not very realistic and CGI, and it all looks like a body that will have a lot of pain for others reasons. In the world of sense, one can ask if they can evaluate a man with a van ready to ram damage if used, but anti-rational on the coast has developed what seems limitless.

After the first movie, I would be upset like this business, and the heroes are in a position to do so. Can be relieved? Imagination is one of the things we see in movies. Whatever. Rod Lurie has made a film of the first degree of psychological warfare, and yes, I think it was better than Peckinpah. Marsden, Bosworth Skarsgård and convincing, and although James Woods played a lot of bad guys in his career, and this can be scary.

Trailer Straw Dogs :
Director: Rod Lurie
Writers: Rod Lurie (screenplay), David Zelag Goodman (earlier screenplay), and 2 more credits
Stars: James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård 
Movie Release : 16 September 2011 (USA)


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