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Rango 2011 review - trailer

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In a world choked by animated films - the good, the bad and the ugly - it's hard to be original or great. However, director Gore Verbinski has done so much - and no 3-D - breaking the rules and new horizons in the city of dirt. This bending moment, amazing, Just-Go-with-the fable, the story moves on roads crowded, Hawaiian shirts and the problems of modern cars, leggings and long-term problems of water rights, the land-grabbing and greed. And in a funny actually, everything makes sense.

Had the first signs of the mind that wants to use off the "Mousehunt", the first grid along Verbinski directed. Since the film is a failure, but its string factory, Manse decaying mouse and wrong were oddly fascinating anyway. Things finally materialized in a concepts intelligent, he again guides the seeds up to three first installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean", and he could not do better than Jack Sparrow get to go to a fully animated. Johnny Depp as Rango voice, ready to be enchanted first moments of a terrarium, with Lars, he spends his time reading files Barbie broken and dreaming of a great time.

Crack Screenplay: John Logan ("Gladiator," "Last Samurai"), with "Pirates" creative that connects with Verbinski, a conceptual artist James Ward Byrkit and visual effects wizard Mark "" Crash McCreery. They gave Lars journey of self discovery, self starting the wreck of the road, crossing the Mohave. He drops a pet cuddled a nightmare in the desert, but the freedom to respond to the destiny calls it a town called Dirt, something that looks a lot like "High Plains Drifter", complete with a saloon.

Before you know, Lars took the role of a lifetime. It flies nickname Rango a bottle of beer, pins on the badge and put it on high nooning wicked eyes makes a lizard with brown eyes named Beans (Isla Fisher) and trying to figure out where the water is gone . Because it is a place where the hero - and references of the film - ". The Wild Bunch" is made with wild abandon, much like

While Depp and is dominated by Fisher, the film is due to the richness of a sprawling cast characters. Among the standouts are Abigail Breslin as Priscilla, precocious young mice, Alfred Molina, as the spirit of the warrior named armadillo roadkill (and the name and sight gags), Bill Nighy brilliant villain Rattlesnake Jake, Ned Beatty as the stone-turtle to Amir Mayor (mix-tape, John Huston in "Chinatown" and the wheelchair by Lionel Barrymore in "It 'a Wonderful Life"). The expression is in that old book style tale of fantastic beasts carried out in exceptional detail, even if they are included in the warts, or spines.

Excitement will surely find the source of the decision Verbinski to "sounds" costumes and sets to work all the scenes together as a good work in isolation booths. The result is a spark and the connection between the characters, who are often able to get the animation is present and the level of improvisation that seemed impossible, that the genre.

Verbinski went to Industrial Light & Magic is an animation, a "rank" the first visual effects house, and hopefully far from the last animated feature film. The company is certainly a story of nature, the beginning of creation, when you set it up for 'Star Wars' George Lucas. After that, it leaves deep scars in several movies, including "Terminator," "Transformers" and "Avatar." But there is a freshness you can feel the "Rank", which will be the new men on the bridge.

Despite "range" palette of dust often corresponds to a dry town with not a drop of water (white music), the massive sweep of the sky and the desert floor allows a creature to fill the screen or decrease depending on context . The characters are an eclectic band with touches of fantasy everywhere, from the band of pure rodents led by the patriarch of Balthazar (Harry Dean Stanton) to the mariachi band of owls that shows through a serenade.

For adults there are art and the wealth of allusions, even in the score by Hans Zimmer (surely someone will come with a quiz to cover references countless films woven into nearly every scene). There is laughter inducing burlesque, and even high-stakes confrontation moral to the story for children. All this together creates a Wild West that is simply good fun for the old.

But the greatest triumph is that Verbinski has delivered the animation instead of the lock. It is indeed a new sheriff in town with "Range", destined to become a classic. Is likely to make a few dollars too.

Trailer :
Director: Gore Verbinski
Writers: John Logan (screenplay), John Logan (story), and 2 more credits »
Stars: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Timothy Olyphant


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