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Movie Review : The Devil's Double (2011)

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Uday Saddam Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, evil and disturbed, which was given carte blanche to plunder the destruction of unlimited power and money. It was a difficult task, with the weakness of the man who really wants to see such a large number of deaths. He said: "I should have killed you the day you were born.", including Uday Saddam had said,

Lee Tamahori, is based on "The Devil's Double" is based on the experience of Yahya Latif, and how to configure dual Odai. In this paper, and survived assassination attempts, at least ten. A film about an Iraqi soldier forced to work after the attack and threats to his family, a respectable number of contempt of Uday and a good dose of courage to fight to watch.

If there was ever a movie requires the same actor playing two roles, it is only in the movies. Dominic Cooper, a British actor, in the second series of key people has played a double challenge with the power and surprising, and often affects the smooth special effects. And Uday, a sadist, alcohol, cocaine and murderers and rapists. When Latif, within walking Uday hates evil and witnesses at the same time enjoy a lifestyle of luxury, and refuses even daring, and one of her lovers.

Inspired by the story of a mountain, and rises to the occasion Tamahori. It is impossible, the performance of Adi Cooper sees it without thinking of Al Pacino in "Scarface" (1983), but Scarface was compared human. Uday is crazy and functionally, and bodyguards to protect him like crazy for their crimes. Viola and his father started the bride in her wedding, the girls were expelled from school, and their bodies on the streets in Baghdad, the scene is the most shocking in the film (there are a lot of competition), to taste the food in one meal. In the film, do it with a sword. In real life I learned to use the electric knife.

Adi Latif resentment "pimping" his father - who can marry a woman to replace his mother to Uday. For this woman, a love nourished by Uday on the brink of incest, and the bed scene is frightening.

This film is not based only on facts. Tamahori and writer Michael Thomas is certainly much more perfect, in spite of Latif Yahia and cited as the source of the book itself, that even a novel. I've learned in life, as prepared for school twice Latif, Uday. No offense to the death of Uday. His story raises the question whether the role of real life were sincere as it seems here we have many reasons to be given in a positive light.

Because of these uncertainties, it is striking that the purpose of the film. There should be history. Despite winning the applause when the credits roll again in the deaths of Uday in 2003 by U.S. special forces, not bad, especially in his role as the father of Hussein. And made some brief appearances as a symbol of the movie (relatively) basic functions.

The movie is about all the fun and strange behavior when an ugly human being, such as. Let's face it: many of us. There's a reason Hannibal Lecter is the most popular villain in films. Dominic Cooper is necessarily more efficient than Uday, gentle rejected. After the tasting, Uday, I can almost feel the energy during the sinking scenes Latif. In addition, the role of Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier) is fine. What is your real story? Why is it, and find out what he knew, and the risk of Habib Latif reckless? The film makes us understand.

There was a time at the beginning of "The Devil's Double" the size I felt ready to focus. Are compiling these materials. He said he did not get to participate with them. It may be a "statement" Uday crazy. Gentle, but the character is to explore primarily for the convenience of the plot, and to avoid doubts and clear. It shows significant. All praise for Dominic Cooper. Must be capable of more.

Trailer :
Director: Lee Tamahori
Writers: Michael Thomas, Latif Yahia (novel), and 1 more credit
Stars: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier and Raad Rawi


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