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The art of Getting by (2011) review - trailer

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Directed by Gavin Wiesen. , Starring Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts. ( 84 minutes, and theaters, the San Francisco Bay Area).

He studied "The art of Getting by" is a sweet, intelligent coming of age teen comedy about depression, avoiding carefully.

Freddie Highmore plays George, a skinny young Manhattan senior year of mourning in school. The opening of its history, said the height of the dark than 160,000 people die every day and calls George, algebraic bitterly. At lunch, he sat alone, reading "The Stranger." In the classroom, writing and R. Crumb, such as studies on the numbers contained in the ink drawings with horns and teeth. When asked to deliver an exercise in trigonometry, he says - in the existential peace - the inevitability of death makes sense, "including the mission, unfortunately."

Nice try George. You (Blair Underwood anger convincing) to go to the manager. Then try your mother (Rita Wilson) and her husband (Sam Robards), to meet the vicissitudes of life has reached adult. While there, do not spoil him prosperous friendship, or a beautiful blonde girlfriend of his, Sally (Emma Roberts) is.

Writer and director Gavin Wiesen (in her film debut) is the oldest of Bush and has the qualities of young people's frustration, the gift of doing nothing, while all. The film is lighter and less sluggish, because it is too late and that's good for viewers who prefer a little honey to offset the bitter taste of hormones.

Highmore is a nuisance, and carries the film on the back, very fine. Although it is not difficult. I must say that George does not really mean when the "Kind Of" says misanthrope. He is an honest man and good luck young man says something else.

The art of Getting by (2011) Trailer :
Director: Gavin Wiesen
Writer: Gavin Wiesen
Stars: Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts and Michael Angarano 
Movie Released : 28 July 2011 (Israel)


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