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The Debt 2010 review - trailer

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Drama buried in secret with the history of fishing is linked to the Nazis, "The Debt" rooted in reality, it is reasonable for spy movies and contemporary, without provoking a tense type. History division between 1966 and 1997, followed, had to ask three Mossad agents, what kind of justice after the crime can not be imagined from the Holocaust.

Helen Mirren as the outstanding features in promotional materials, and the heart of the film suggests a younger version of her character, played by the great progress this year, actress Jessica Chastain ("Tree of Life," "The Help"). Chastain is to stay alive and the terrible events of the film: As a singer, Rachel, is a factor "Surgeon of Birkenau" Vogel, Dieter (by type KZ Joseph Mengele's experiments - the doctors), the East German fertility, as a patient and therefore the studies of many medical men fishing.

We know from the first scenes of the film (set in 1997) singer take the team doctor, who was later murdered in the race, which will be welcoming the three heroes of Israel. It is also clear that they share the secrets of this time: her mission in the conclusion of a decades-old book was published, a former partner of singer David (Ciaran Hinds, who also played on the Israeli spy thriller "Munich") is dead.

But what was the name of the bird, and his attempts to revive it to the meat of this story, and director John Madden is the best, and the tension of the support and close escapes, surprising as the director of Marigold expected "Shakespeare in Love."

At the same time, the adoption of Chastain and co-star Sam Worthington and Marton Csokas narrow triangle, which was overshadowed by the loss of sexual tension of each character in the war. Three actors have a chemistry, which increased only underground in East Berlin - loaded with the leaky roof, and plumbing and the damage, and perhaps related to the war criminal and gagged on the floor.

Hostage is a growing team of mental stress that he hoped smuggled out of the city. Jesper Christensen as a talkative bird, no passion in his attempt in his head that the hijackers but never hammily Hannibal Lecter - ishly threat. Trivial matter of his contempt for the Jews (to be offset in strange expressions of sympathy, sometimes) cares enough.

Structurally, the film jumps a little, but basically the story in 1967, before playing to work 30 years later this is the only path that holds the secrets secret until the last three minutes, but you can watch it was a bit like getting Mirren.

It has a broad line (this is an adaptation of the Israeli film "Ha HOV) is a form of storytelling in parallel to provide sufficient information that was public participation.

But, as in "The Debt" with the viewer strong enough to put the source of emotions, without diminishing the ethical dilemmas of the movement.

Trailer :
Director: John Madden
Writers: Matthew Vaughn (screenplay), Jane Goldman (screenplay), and 3 more credits
Stars: Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson


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