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Killer Elite 2011 review - trailer

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The "Killer Elite" This is a story that cleverly found a way to explain why two teams of former SAS wants to inspire others to kill. Decreased ability to mold, here are Jason Statham and Clive Owen, which is really no reason not to love one another, and participate in a game of death of the international assassin. Robert De Niro plays abducted by the Sheikh of Oman, which are used to calculate that there is no team there is no reason for concern, and that's basically what's at stake is their professionalism has developed.

Incredibly, it must be based on the facts of this story. Based on the author of the novel is supposed Ranulph Fiennes on his experiences in the real world, and even the author of the appearance of their work. I think the basis for a realistic and may be a few degrees of separation from the pure fact of the act, but you never know, and the latest films to show how the "The Debt" organizations spy on events that seem to arise from fiction to participate.

History: De Niro plays Hunter, Danny Mentor (Jason Statham). They were both qualified. Danny was one of those rituals, where men work, and decided to stop the killing and was in need of unity in a remote part of outback Australia. He was living there with the beautiful Anna (Yvonne Elliman), in the strict sense of the word is not particularly important to the plot. Life in the past is still there after the kidnapping of Sheikh oil by Danny Hunter. Sheikh wants revenge on the killers of his son, and he knows that Danny is the best player in the world, and is calculated correctly that you save only for the dear Lord, to bring him back to work.

The son was killed by four men of the SAS. Danny difficult task: to kill, but it seems that every death is random, and not to be suspected of a Sheikh. Hardly clever. Davis on his team (Dominic Purcell) and Meyer (Aden Young). At the same time, the results were announced Spike (Clive Owen), a group of mysterious book, which aims to protect the ex-SAS men in revenge. Your job is to protect the four goals from Danny and his boys. Got it?

It's really a good movie, and more of the same character and plot to work, and need to build a murder look like accidents plus interest. I really wonder what is the probability that someone, not to mention all these events can be organized specifically to this point? However, we learn that the intelligence agencies, often behind the "accident".

Jason Statham is back muscles carved out of hard metal. Clive Owen, that is, before acting and facial expressions is a good man like a cool enough. Find a movie about killer mild steel rod on the chin, eyes, and asked if he seems less dangerous if they were destroyed?

De Niro is here, on paper, which could offer some inspiration small. My impression is that he feels he can pay the contributions of interest, and now participate in its activities in Tribeca. Still has the power, and if you want to use.

The film is a film directed by Gary McKendry, who was born in Northern Ireland, who directed several commercials and short 20-minute "all the needs of this country," which was nominated for an Oscar for live-action short. It is a great start. He has the instincts of a storyteller, and he understands that business is better if you focus on the characters and plot, and not based on mere sensation. "Killer Elite" very pure in its history, because in the end, this can be very difficult to divide people into good and bad.
 Killer Elite Trailer :
Director: Gary McKendry
Writers: Ranulph Fiennes (novel), Gary McKendry, and 1 more credit
Stars: Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro
Movie Release : 23 September 2011 (USA)


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