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Movie Review : Apollo 18 (2011)

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Most people seem to be any horror movie "hand-held". "Blair Witch", "paranormal activity". Most people I know say they hate the AD. "However, I love the hell of M," a something new and innovative, offering new to the market panic, because let's be honest, I see the same damn thing over and over tired I mean, for Christ, seven films "Saw" and five "final destination". And it was not enough, each new edition of the classic. No matter how many people the concept, but I see, I hate all unique.

Unlike other films in the "hand held" horror, I stated before, this film is more about a different style to film your own. Because there is "supposed" pictures back in 1974, one. Very friendly, and the frame rate is too slow and easily damaged from the point of view of others, might be interesting in some respects and so on. But there were some parts of the movie is crazy with the white tops and jumping techniques. But once you pass mark of 30 minutes of the movie, they start the pattern of use, and is not used frequently observed.

But the biggest problem I had with the film's story. As you can see, the "Blair Witch", which gave him at least back to the story of what happened. ...... This of course is that I love. You can go through this technology, if you cover something like ghosts or evil spirits. Even if you do not know anything about it, we have an idea of ​​what the main characters face. But if you're in a strange place, like the moon, and you're dealing with strange creatures, it is necessary to explain a little more if they left the public confused. In this case, I had to scratch very hard. This is mainly because I had no idea why they were there, what they did and what the intentions of governments. It was nothing more than speculation, as I said.

And assumptions, which means that these creatures really want to talk, because you can never establish with this cup that looks really full. You can view a short 2.1 seconds or so damaged that make the movie on the screen.

Not only will never have an idea of ​​how these creatures. What are your intentions? How do they live? What are they capable of? Please, someone with some answers to the curse of the movie! But amid the confusion, and the only thing that I love, and density. There are some scenes that really had to go. Throughout the film, not build more. So naturally I was expecting horror Super Grand Final. "But it ended abruptly and a little boring. And again, left me with a better chance.

Finally ...... I appreciate how filmaking different movie. But the plot was generally more of the holes and craters on the moon. I think if you said, and brushed some of the editing techniques, boring, so this movie was something to admire. It was my friends who was very good, and I do not hate, but not that kind of movie, and they are good.

Director: Gonzalo López-Gallego
Writers: Brian Miller (screenplay), Cory Goodman
Stars: Warren Christie and Lloyd Owen


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