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Pearl Jam Twenty 2011 review - trailer

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Pearl Jam century, Crowe, a former resident and friend of the famous band in Seattle, and brings journalistic skills and then get to the facts of the emergence of the state and its evolution and current rock band led by Eddie Vedder.

Must have for fans of Pearl Jam - for people who get a taste of the pressures that come with fame and - Crow and document a great day with archive material, old, videos of presentations of the charm of the club will have a contemplative emerging Vader the player asshole Jeff guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready and drummer Matt Cameron are sitting today. (Pearl Jam has a great drummer in his way was now 20-21 - years, and only if a film crew in danger, and the staff are very dangerous, and cut a piece of this is the backbone to communicate with regret drummer misfortune assistants false).

Pearl Jam begins with twenty pictures of Andrew Wood, the legendary singer Mother Love Bone, Gossard asshole and run during the final 80 years together. Wood died (Jack Black, a couple) from a heroin overdose at the age of 24 and the division of the band. Posted born from the ashes of Pearl Jam, and is based on the test strip of the type of server in San Diego, deep voice, fly, nice Vedder to Seattle and met with the group.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moneyball 2011 review - trailer

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Such as cold beer in the tile sky, when he was a player in the line of the day, perfect hot, like a half long, slow and seventh - "Moneyball" satisfied.

Sports defender of the theater is the home of the deeper truths in a modest smile of "Moneyball" is an outer film dry, and value, it is easy to drive and take a little more than talent to be solid entertainment.

After all, can not adapt to a fantasy film about a book of Mr. narrative journalist Michael Lewis, the gold standard script by Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin? I can not go wrong with the personality of the golden boy role is played by Brad Pitt and corny caricature Jonah Hill? What a fool is a major American sports hit "moral victory to come back - all in the sleeping area, and pastoral reminds all Americans and the values ​​of a perfect past?

The answer, of course, a filmmaker who dares, is fattening, good relations with the bone or the technical apparatus of unnecessary melodrama. Fortunately, the "Moneyball" - which was briefly fell into the hands of Steven Soderbergh with another professional - Bennett Miller, who was very intelligent, he has to offer the story of Truman Capote on the big screen in 2005 film "Capote."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Killer Elite 2011 review - trailer

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The "Killer Elite" This is a story that cleverly found a way to explain why two teams of former SAS wants to inspire others to kill. Decreased ability to mold, here are Jason Statham and Clive Owen, which is really no reason not to love one another, and participate in a game of death of the international assassin. Robert De Niro plays abducted by the Sheikh of Oman, which are used to calculate that there is no team there is no reason for concern, and that's basically what's at stake is their professionalism has developed.

Incredibly, it must be based on the facts of this story. Based on the author of the novel is supposed Ranulph Fiennes on his experiences in the real world, and even the author of the appearance of their work. I think the basis for a realistic and may be a few degrees of separation from the pure fact of the act, but you never know, and the latest films to show how the "The Debt" organizations spy on events that seem to arise from fiction to participate.

History: De Niro plays Hunter, Danny Mentor (Jason Statham). They were both qualified. Danny was one of those rituals, where men work, and decided to stop the killing and was in need of unity in a remote part of outback Australia. He was living there with the beautiful Anna (Yvonne Elliman), in the strict sense of the word is not particularly important to the plot. Life in the past is still there after the kidnapping of Sheikh oil by Danny Hunter. Sheikh wants revenge on the killers of his son, and he knows that Danny is the best player in the world, and is calculated correctly that you save only for the dear Lord, to bring him back to work.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie Review : Puncture 2011 & trailer

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What happens to the heroes go to the cinema abroad against the heavyweights, without scruples or moral, is that you do not want to disappoint him a hero. Hole by sister team Adam Mark, and money, which tells the true story that the filmmakers may have been an unreliable prison, insane and irresponsible. The film revolves around a farm in 1990 in Texas, end of story touches on the pharmaceutical industry and the AIDS epidemic, which is important, but the necessary elements for a New Yorker instead of the movie and here the focus is about a rare personality to say the least! A McCain aide.

Ambition is certainly an interesting movie, but without a lot of coverage of the festival, who played only in Tribeca critics and cheerleaders, and can not hole many waves in the independent film at the box office, despite the similarities with other members of the Public Ministry is normal for kiss movie called Erin Brockovich.

Press releases describing the end of White, Mike, Chris Evans may have played a toowell as "the work of a drug addict." Do not know how to note that the definition of "performance". In the first moments of the film, thanks to Mike made a big deal, because it is clearly a time of rejoicing diver induced by drugs. He then studied mentally.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Straw Dogs 2011 review - trailer

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This new version of "Straw Dogs" is an adaptation from the point near the Sam Peckinpah movie in 1971. Relocate from England to Mississippi, and change the world of mathematics as a writer, you keep the bear trap in the sink and found a cat, and tells the same story. It is very violent. I found a visceral, disturbing and well made.

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in the role originally created by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George is educated and his wife, who comes from a rural area where you can transfer the work to be played alone. There is something unsettling about this interesting man and a woman in a bakery for the residents, and what begins as a subtle competition for land rights (the Darwinian sense) has become a relentless battle for the real murderers. The lesson is that the nerd, the capacity for great violence in the home and women are at risk. At first I did not know.

There is something in me in 40 years since the publication of "Straw Dogs" and the original X rating in Britain was banned from theaters. Four decades of violence hardening of the screen to me, and I'm not susceptible to images of brutality and chaos. If Peckinpah was known for his violence, his masterpiece, considered "The Wild Bunch" (1969) in some circles, unpublished. Greet him, and after drawing the line in "Straw Dogs", which kind of crossed the line with me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Restless 2011 review - trailer

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Overheard in the mad crush to get into this morning’s overcrowded screening of Gus Van Sant’s Restless: Woman A says to Woman B, in French-accented English, “What is your problem?” Woman B says to Woman A: “Your being a bitch is my problem!” Ah, Cannes! Where the weather is warm, the selection of movies is vast, and film journos and critics are ready to kill each other by Day 2.

But it’s all good. The crowd seemed to have simmered down by the time the Restless end credits rolled, and many responded with affectionate applause. I feel warmly toward Restless too: The picture (which opens the festival’s Un Certain Regard sidebar) is so fluttering and tender, so guileless, that you almost can’t believe it was made by an old hand like Van Sant. Then again, maybe you can. Annabel (Mia Wasikowska) and Enoch (Henry Hopper, son of Dennis) play somber teenagers who meet at a memorial service. Enoch is haunted by the death of his parents — he lost them suddenly in an accident. Annabel has her own secret, spilled early on: She’s dying of cancer. They fall in love, quickly and fervently, knowing only doom and sadness await them — and they’ve never even seen Love Story.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Warrior 2011 review - trailer

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If the "warrior" was a boxing movie, I'd say these three things: solid drama. Great performance. Classic.

But the film is a mixture of martial arts, and more beast than the sub-type. So my comments are three: the solid drama. Great performance. Ouch. If you have not seen in mixed martial arts or MMA, you will understand the "ouch". There is nothing more painful in the emergence of organized sports today, if you count the presidential election.

"Warrior" by Gavin O'Connor ("Miracle"), directed, and said a lot of his story of rival brothers, sand, sweat and even if not very accurate.

Joel Edgerton plays Brendan, a professor of physics and help veterans of the "cage" for his family, Tom Hardy, Tommy, and younger brother with mental retardation, stubborn, and Nick Nolte in pop music, Paddy, EX - Tommy drunk and moves and goals, as they are, with the son you success. They have none of it. They have each other when a pair of nursing grudges them again to deny the family and the lives of poor Tommy with his dead mother.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contagion 2011 review - trailer

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I saw a bunch of scary movie. But there's nothing like the horror of the sight of plunging his hand into a bowl of nuts at a bar at the airport, and therefore lead to death in the transmission. Here is the fear of shit movie with the medical school on the B virus can cause immediately after the impact of screening a wave of hand washing, which leads to side effects for a refreshing dip in air traffic is long and effect term makes you think you forgot that screwed us all.

With the discovery of new viruses every week (and can spread dramatically in 30 steps from 1000 to 1000 million), which is very good. Made with attention to detail and realistic beset by cold and Steven Soderbergh, the infection begins to cough, and a working mother named Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow). Pitt felt a kind of punk, and return to meet with businessmen in Hong Kong from her husband (Matt Damon) and his young son in Minneapolis. In the House, the house suddenly feels bad, then decays with cramps, fever and cerebral hemorrhage and died. No spoiler, which slows the release: House is the human face to start taking what is a global pandemic. (This is not the last we see Paltrow, or is this an excellent tour, only to return as a significant presence in the memories of the past). The infection spreads his death argument persuasive and treacherous and not home runs early in the epidemiology of such Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, what they are looking for the source of all the new viral mutation and its antidote. If the current increase of international travel is the ability to feel the world is very small, and the downside is that everyone, everywhere, is just coughing, shaking hands or rub the eye infections in the world.

Like Crazy 2011 review - trailer ( Drake Doremus )

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Maybe a break in the relationship between the persecution of inorganic Jacob and Anna. If passionate love for each other in a natural way can be played, should have died, or they can be together forever - at least I know. Instead, the stars "like crazy" to find your life stuck in a loop - you can not forget the magic that connects with the other, but also because he lived life in its absence.

Drake Doremus film follows "the lives of two students who fall in love with an amazing young woman and then taking the twisted obstacles. Anna (Felicity Jones) is a writer aspires to study English abroad in Los Angeles, where he worked with Jacob (Anton Yelchin), who studied to become a furniture designer, and the plan is that Anna and finally returned to the United States, but after I destroyed his planned trip for three months, wonderful, sexy and with Jacob, who did not return to their homes because it can hurt a student visa.

Decision to stay for a longer period of visa is only a few times after the movie - Anna and Jacob did not dare talk about it - but it will not stay forever. This is the kind of stupid decisions, which is now the consequences are visible only to those who do not at this time.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The art of Getting by (2011) review - trailer

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Directed by Gavin Wiesen. , Starring Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts. ( 84 minutes, and theaters, the San Francisco Bay Area).

He studied "The art of Getting by" is a sweet, intelligent coming of age teen comedy about depression, avoiding carefully.

Freddie Highmore plays George, a skinny young Manhattan senior year of mourning in school. The opening of its history, said the height of the dark than 160,000 people die every day and calls George, algebraic bitterly. At lunch, he sat alone, reading "The Stranger." In the classroom, writing and R. Crumb, such as studies on the numbers contained in the ink drawings with horns and teeth. When asked to deliver an exercise in trigonometry, he says - in the existential peace - the inevitability of death makes sense, "including the mission, unfortunately."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seven Days in Utopia 2011 review - trailer

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Under the title "Seven Days in Utopia" may suggest a trip level of metaphor or irony, but it is literally and seriously as anyone in this drama inspired: Refers to the hero spends a week in the small town of Utopia, Texas. Played by Lucas Black, is a young player of the new Pro Circuit beginning humiliating and receives life-changing advice from the spirit of old farming family - Robert Duvall, lighter version and scientists from various countries who brought to life in decades.

With the Golf Channel commentators and actors involved in such KJ Choi, and the film carries an official confirmation. Based on the book by David L. Cook, "Golf's Sacred Journey," which like "it plays as a "Zen and the Art of the Links," he jokes with the persuasion of the Bible Belt.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Melancholia 2011 review - trailer

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After the press conference for the controversial director Lars von Trier at Cannes 2011, which resulted in granting the director persona non grata, which was sadly rare in the severity of what happened and described. In fact, there are still remnants of this situation, but the quality of the movie makes me think that sometimes one can not remember the interview, while many will remember from the movie. For von Trier, the passage in question (and this was not the first), but still talented.

There is a mention that the director has angered environmental advocates, sacrificing an animal on the set of Manderlay? Must be the same thing happens now in pain, because the film is much larger than indicated.

Regardless of all this, to move: The film is a little masterpiece, as is the former managing director at the time of the Antichrist. Although the productions are very different from plain to see some similarities between them. I'm not just a great Charlotte Gainsbourg, and films of the abuse of classic sound and intense, and very well with the sequences in slow motion at first, not to mention the division into chapters - the mark of the film, Lars von Trier.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toy Story 3 2010 review - trailer

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such as animation and Pixar will continue to provide innovative stories and enthusiasm is one of the wonders of modern cinema. As Lee Unkrich, director John Lasseter Pixar veteran, Stanton, Andrew, writer and screenwriter sun Ms. Arndt, Michael, who participated in developing a new plan, and the characters in the story of the beautiful game in this third leg, and perhaps this achievement is more impressive to me.

This episode, at best three, and everything cinema should be: funny, touching, exciting and intelligent. Voice behind Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Light year (Tim Allen) and the rest to play a key role in the development of the characters in what is now by far the best summer movie.

Story touches your heart, as any film in recent history has not. Who would have thought that the film can be plastic toys to speak strongly to people of all ages?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Debt 2010 review - trailer

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Drama buried in secret with the history of fishing is linked to the Nazis, "The Debt" rooted in reality, it is reasonable for spy movies and contemporary, without provoking a tense type. History division between 1966 and 1997, followed, had to ask three Mossad agents, what kind of justice after the crime can not be imagined from the Holocaust.

Helen Mirren as the outstanding features in promotional materials, and the heart of the film suggests a younger version of her character, played by the great progress this year, actress Jessica Chastain ("Tree of Life," "The Help"). Chastain is to stay alive and the terrible events of the film: As a singer, Rachel, is a factor "Surgeon of Birkenau" Vogel, Dieter (by type KZ Joseph Mengele's experiments - the doctors), the East German fertility, as a patient and therefore the studies of many medical men fishing.

We know from the first scenes of the film (set in 1997) singer take the team doctor, who was later murdered in the race, which will be welcoming the three heroes of Israel. It is also clear that they share the secrets of this time: her mission in the conclusion of a decades-old book was published, a former partner of singer David (Ciaran Hinds, who also played on the Israeli spy thriller "Munich") is dead.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review : Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)

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"Mr. Popper's Penguins", a fun ride a little imagination for many families is much better for your Popper's Penguins. Mr. Popper Jim Carrey not wrong in itself. However, it is ideal for the penguins and flying the heart of the viewer, walking and a complete farce.

There are six of them - the captain, Lovey, Bitey, Nimrod, friendly Stinky - named Snow White dwarfs the privacy of your personality. Despite the elegant appearance, dress, a little amount of damage, such as to induce him orange juice Webbie radiant smile, which is found in almost every corner of life, and Mr. Popper.

Directed by Mark Waters, who early in "Mean Girls" peaked in 2004 and fought more than success, "Mr. Popper." (Home discretion of the couple behind the silly "Hot Tub Time Machine") is slightly smaller than the writers Sean Anders and John Morris and Stern, Jared took the bones of children born to Richard Atwater Florence 1938 classic - for men penguins, and stopped life, the lessons learned - and gives the film a lot of modern problems, and perhaps one or two others.

Mr. Popper's operating base in the country is going in the big city, New York. It is no longer a humble painter, but a superb volley from a dealer in Manhattan real estate. But in his heart, and Mr. Popper trip of self discovery, which contains the film to introduce the concept of building and surroundings, what it takes to change a good father at this difficult time.

Film begins with a flashback to young Tommy quickly adventure travel Popper Rush in amateur and his father in the world (the father is absent, in modern language). The next time we see an executive of a successful, grown children of divorce in the books, and by the end of each week and the emotions aside carefully. But young women in his apartment in Manhattan, it is clear to see that I was alone in the foreground.

Movie Review : The Devil's Double (2011)

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Uday Saddam Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, evil and disturbed, which was given carte blanche to plunder the destruction of unlimited power and money. It was a difficult task, with the weakness of the man who really wants to see such a large number of deaths. He said: "I should have killed you the day you were born.", including Uday Saddam had said,

Lee Tamahori, is based on "The Devil's Double" is based on the experience of Yahya Latif, and how to configure dual Odai. In this paper, and survived assassination attempts, at least ten. A film about an Iraqi soldier forced to work after the attack and threats to his family, a respectable number of contempt of Uday and a good dose of courage to fight to watch.

If there was ever a movie requires the same actor playing two roles, it is only in the movies. Dominic Cooper, a British actor, in the second series of key people has played a double challenge with the power and surprising, and often affects the smooth special effects. And Uday, a sadist, alcohol, cocaine and murderers and rapists. When Latif, within walking Uday hates evil and witnesses at the same time enjoy a lifestyle of luxury, and refuses even daring, and one of her lovers.

Inspired by the story of a mountain, and rises to the occasion Tamahori. It is impossible, the performance of Adi Cooper sees it without thinking of Al Pacino in "Scarface" (1983), but Scarface was compared human. Uday is crazy and functionally, and bodyguards to protect him like crazy for their crimes. Viola and his father started the bride in her wedding, the girls were expelled from school, and their bodies on the streets in Baghdad, the scene is the most shocking in the film (there are a lot of competition), to taste the food in one meal. In the film, do it with a sword. In real life I learned to use the electric knife.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Review : Shark Night 3D (2011)

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I tell you now I do not care if a good director David R. Ellis. When we speak of sharks and 3D, is all that matters, and the floating of these criminals to satisfy your hunger.

To speed up the blood and excitement, looking for a girl who was unable to do? Or knowingly, and prey selection, as Spielberg depicts the Great White?

The right to choose the first option. In fact, no other parallel in the script the night, the equivalent of modern 3D 3D Shark (Jaws 3 - D, 1983), in light of Joe Alves adventure and ship the poles.

I know that the film actor Dennis Quaid professional Alves, Pace Armstrong, Lea Thompson, and Louis Gossett Jr. - and this production by David R. It is not difficult to find an ounce of acting talent.

I also know that the Shark 3D, and even with all its errors, and Richard Matheson, writer, can be viewed in 3D on the night shark deserves.

Movie Review : Apollo 18 (2011)

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Most people seem to be any horror movie "hand-held". "Blair Witch", "paranormal activity". Most people I know say they hate the AD. "However, I love the hell of M," a something new and innovative, offering new to the market panic, because let's be honest, I see the same damn thing over and over tired I mean, for Christ, seven films "Saw" and five "final destination". And it was not enough, each new edition of the classic. No matter how many people the concept, but I see, I hate all unique.

Unlike other films in the "hand held" horror, I stated before, this film is more about a different style to film your own. Because there is "supposed" pictures back in 1974, one. Very friendly, and the frame rate is too slow and easily damaged from the point of view of others, might be interesting in some respects and so on. But there were some parts of the movie is crazy with the white tops and jumping techniques. But once you pass mark of 30 minutes of the movie, they start the pattern of use, and is not used frequently observed.

But the biggest problem I had with the film's story. As you can see, the "Blair Witch", which gave him at least back to the story of what happened. ...... This of course is that I love. You can go through this technology, if you cover something like ghosts or evil spirits. Even if you do not know anything about it, we have an idea of ​​what the main characters face. But if you're in a strange place, like the moon, and you're dealing with strange creatures, it is necessary to explain a little more if they left the public confused. In this case, I had to scratch very hard. This is mainly because I had no idea why they were there, what they did and what the intentions of governments. It was nothing more than speculation, as I said.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie review : Our Idiot Brother - 2011

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This film is so nice. His hero is so sweet. Her sisters considered him an idiot. Her sisters are so correct. He is an idiot in that he did not lie or cheat. It does not calculate the chances to get away from things. He trusted people. He always tells the truth. There was not a study showing that human society would collapse if we do not lie?

Ned (Paul Rudd) is a kind of saint. He has a joyful smile, wish you the best and not rancor. He also does not hold good jobs. It reminds me a little 'Harold Skimpole, a character from Dickens, who will never understand how much money has worked, or because it does not matter if you had nothing. When we meet Ned, who sells organic vegetables in the farmer's market, a little 'less than a secondary activity-the-counter herbicides. And when the police in uniform, says he has a bad day, and think that maybe something to sell, she slips a $ 20 bag of his rhubarb. Police in uniform.

After burst, Ned is released from prison early (he became a model prisoner for four consecutive months). He returned to the farm, he worked with his girlfriend (Kathryn Hahn), discovers she has a new boyfriend, and almost apologizes for the guy to turn unexpectedly. Stripped of his house, he begins to rely on the hospitality of his three sisters in their three-way, three pieces of work.

This film would not work without Paul Rudd. It is such a fine line. It must be nice, but not a fool. Sweet but not saccharine. Honest enough to cause problems, but still innocent. He not only does not lie, he never knows when he lied. When the genes were shaken his family tree, all of this kind, those who fell in his pool.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review : Colombiana (2011)

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When a director of dubs is Megaton, whatever esoteric allusion, and even if it is French, you do not expect subtlety. And subtlety is definitely not what you get with "Colombiana", the gateway slender hyperactive action-thriller/fashion-week with Zoe Saldana as the latest trend in deadly weapons. Saldana is the new Schwarzenegger, only lighter, more dynamic and much better in spandex? I think so.

The B-movie blam blam bloody explosion is the latest reading a book by Luc Besson lovelies bruises that are best not crossed. What began in 1990, "La Femme Nikita," followed by "Leon" in '94, and '97 's "Fifth Element" (the last written by Robert Mark Kamen, who co-wrote "Columbian" with the B-man), he refined in the "Columbian".

Meanwhile, a former graffiti artist Olivier Megaton, which in recent years has been the umbrella Besson directs a train moving very fast in 2008 for "Transporter 3", seems to hit his hand in this last trip to the magazine to spread the 'murder. Saldana is the body that helps the model to focus on and pride, all combining to make a slick, hard work of beauty.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rango 2011 review - trailer

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In a world choked by animated films - the good, the bad and the ugly - it's hard to be original or great. However, director Gore Verbinski has done so much - and no 3-D - breaking the rules and new horizons in the city of dirt. This bending moment, amazing, Just-Go-with-the fable, the story moves on roads crowded, Hawaiian shirts and the problems of modern cars, leggings and long-term problems of water rights, the land-grabbing and greed. And in a funny actually, everything makes sense.

Had the first signs of the mind that wants to use off the "Mousehunt", the first grid along Verbinski directed. Since the film is a failure, but its string factory, Manse decaying mouse and wrong were oddly fascinating anyway. Things finally materialized in a concepts intelligent, he again guides the seeds up to three first installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean", and he could not do better than Jack Sparrow get to go to a fully animated. Johnny Depp as Rango voice, ready to be enchanted first moments of a terrarium, with Lars, he spends his time reading files Barbie broken and dreaming of a great time.

Crack Screenplay: John Logan ("Gladiator," "Last Samurai"), with "Pirates" creative that connects with Verbinski, a conceptual artist James Ward Byrkit and visual effects wizard Mark "" Crash McCreery. They gave Lars journey of self discovery, self starting the wreck of the road, crossing the Mohave. He drops a pet cuddled a nightmare in the desert, but the freedom to respond to the destiny calls it a town called Dirt, something that looks a lot like "High Plains Drifter", complete with a saloon.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drive (2011) review - trailer

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Occasionally a film comes out that makes you sit there and wonder, "What I just saw?" Most of the time this problem is unlikely to respond to a supervisor. In the drive, it seems to be exactly what Nicolas Winding Refn want you to ask. 

The first scene shows the driver (Ryan Gosling), giving their only rule of Wheelman, while passengers back to the car in five minutes, he will do anything to escape. Had it not time, however, he left. He then proceeds to put this statement into action as two thieves escape with police. We see a combination of a high-speed chase and a stealth action thriller as police search for the car while the driver narrowly escapes them at every turn. One of the most tense scenes in a movie to date and effectively sets the tone for the rest of the film. Over the next 95 minutes, it will be uncomfortable and on the edge of your seat - but make sure you sit through it and never turn your head.

After returning, we met near the driver, Irene (Carey Mulligan). Her husband is in prison, and she takes care of their son alone. The relationship is between the driver and Irene is sweet, almost innocent, but intensely uncomfortable to watch. You know it's wrong, but want to root for the couple anyway.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bridesmaids (2011) review - trailer

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If this is just a chick flick, then call me a chicken. Witty, sharp and influence, "Bridesmaids" across borders by blithely ignore them. At one point, it's a farce that examines broad gauge in terms of sex of a woman. (The results are mixed at best.) On another it is a sophisticated comedy of manners and class that two bridesmaids at each other for control of marriage, except the fate of the bride . Through it all, free form interviews, the brilliant set pieces, the gross-out absurd, the flawless performance, Kristen Wiig has left the maid of honor, Annie, seeking its own destiny with a passion wrenchingly squint.

For a woman is a major film award. The script was written by Ms. Wiig and Annie Mumolo-two women are wise in the ways of improvement project and television and performed with extraordinary delicacy by Paul Feig, who created the television series "Freaks and Geeks". As a man, but I would say his biggest difference is its inclusiveness, and I'm not using this term, sticking to your PC. The filmmakers and their producers, Judd Apatow, the comedy show to include all sorts of quirks and qualities that make us human, effusions, numbness, tenderness, eloquent with rage, cold cuts, idiocy, . Their characters can not stop talking. A bad thing? No, a great thing, because this thing is so intelligent. They staged the best road sobriety tests, "the man with two brains," turned romantic items at the best advantage as a "waitress". And the right of the film could not Mr. Odder or right.

Priest (2011) review - trailer

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Priest seems to have designs on a couple of spectators who thought irreconcilable young devotees of the vampire genre overserved and older demographic that loves his Christian religious mythology with a healthy side moralized of violence. Each has its greatest hits, and never the twain shall meet with blood. Until now.

Except that, historically, the vampire genre has its roots in the Christian faith. Humans respond to their hobbies of the undead with crosses and holy water, superstitions and lasting (for newspapers) the promise of sunshine. The stakes are ritually driven by the heart. Vampires are not evil because they threaten our lives, but because of its threat to extend indefinitely the Earth - a clear challenge to the law of God and an abomination to those who must die. Based on the hit Korean Hyung-Woo Min manwho and directed by Scott Stewart, the priest offers a world in centuries of war between humans and vampires - a holy war is no different from the Crusades - is over for hosts of kick-ass men (and very radical, at least one woman) of the fabric. As if he could have ended differently.

But what follows - and starts Priest - the kind refracted into something a little more advanced for a time that is much more cynical. These priests heroic fight back with problems, social exclusion and without the use of virtually. Are subjected to menial jobs and years of nightmares. The crosses tattooed on the forehead only aggravate their pariah status. Broodiest of them, known simply as, well, a priest (Paul Bettany), stalks through the limits of the city's cathedral - the wall, a dystopian church and state under the influence of Bishop Orel (a limestone Christopher Plummer) and subjected to prayer wheels and the confession booths equipped with video voice-ID software. His brother (Stephen Moyer), Owen, meanwhile, lives in the desert beyond the city, a barbecue, where the border post-apocalyptic in the opposite direction of life and hope are scarce, but at least the leeches confined to reserves.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) review - trailer

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One of the guys in this fast-paced, sexy film that his generation, those in their 30s, compared to what came before and after, more pale."The lamest" If this group who likes to have fun, spend my crutches I want in. While some life-is-party-people across the country, hope they serve beer in hell, the whole band to Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck is "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" are probably thinking about things cool vodka and tonic when the flames get too close.

Although at peak times, so to speak, like Judd Apatow are the light, the language is happily unkempt As you can imagine, when a group of 30 forty, almost everyone, but everyone thought that their feelings for each other are Platonic plan a wild party Hamptons. Fortunately, Eric (Jason Sudekis), handsome boy is a gang, and the organizer of the party in fact, his father (Don Johnson), owns a sprawling house, which rarely live. The bad news is, however, that the father wants to sell, which would mean that the big Labor Day party-cum (again, so to speak) is the final orgy. Still, Eric is smart enough to find ways to sabotage the sale.

Friends who believe that it is fun to serve the bean dip out of the brown water is my kind of people. If you accept, will be a fan, like me, a huge explosion is smooth and that everyone gets what they want, whether it is a girl who secretly keep a flashlight by Eric, timid, who dreams of doing with a guy and loyal mental health workers must stop intellectualizing the party people who cover their inability to make deep emotional commitment.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Inbetweeners (2011) review

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 Five years ago, British TV channel for teenagers, E4, launched two new shows. "Skins" was designed to shock the bourgeoisie with their tales of teenage promiscuity and drug use. The cast was full of pretty things to play Bristol wealthy privileged teenagers. However, "The Inbetweeners" was about normal children living in the suburbs boring housing in rural England. Children with parents who stifle, rather than ignore them - children who are struggling to get laid competing gas money, and go on two pints of beer. Children who have cars shit, and girlfriends downloading, and spend their time masturbating and farting.

"The Inbetweeners" was as much about modern life as "Skins" - with all the usual references to video games, text messaging and the interpretation of the use of "smiley face". But so far, "The Inbetweeners" was basically an old man who comes of age comedy, with four players worry endearing things all concerned about this age, no matter what decade we have grown in the premise of the base has a wide appeal was broad demographic "Skins". He showed us that we were really more than I would have liked to have been. And the icing on the cake was crisp, funny dialogue writers Damon Beesley bite and Iain Morris (the man behind "Peep Show"). Not to mention the courageous attitude of the young actors to humble themselves in public. To give some examples ....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Beaver (2011) review

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Bizarre and belabored, but grimly fascinating, "The Beaver" opens in Mel Gibson's painful when you are looking for times, which sounds a bit 'like Michael Caine says: "This is a picture of Walter Black, a hopelessly depressed individual". It does not seem promising, but the film, which was directed by Jodie Foster, has more than it promises, ie performance that draws its exceptional know-how and irresistibly what it takes to be a real movie star whose life anxiety private has become a ruin.

The narrator, as it evolves, is Walter himself, toothsome and rodents of the title is a puppet he wears on his left hand. With Beavers Walter suddenly and almost exclusively, begins to speak in an English accent to his wife worried, Meredith (played by Ms. Foster), his son terrified teenage Porter (Anton Yelchin) and his colleagues start to work. I'm not telling you something you can not find the trailer, and it is part of the problem with Kyle Killen scenario. It is a drama that does not depend solely on one device, a knack for being a puppet of the author, but deprives us of any sense of discovery by specifying the device sense a short film that gives Walter everyone he meets: "The person who handed you this is under the care of a prescription puppet designed to create a psychological distance between himself and the destructive aspects of his personality."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rio (2011) review - trailer

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Deep in the jungles of Brazil, the world's last surviving male poachers blue macaw can be collected and shipped to Minnesota, where he falls into the back of a truck and lands in the hands of the owl girl named Linda.

Fifteen years later, Linda has gained owl young woman (voiced by Leslie Mann) and his name very imaginative Blue for him, became a stickler to fly sips of hot chocolate and talk about what precipitated the nose bursts Jesse Eisenberg.

Enter Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), a bird watcher Blu nerd Brazil convinces Linda to go to Rio to mate with a gem of a free mind (Anne Hathaway), the last surviving woman of the species. When the plan goes wrong, since these plans often do, and the jewel winding claw Blu chained and held captive by a vicious smuggler (Carlos Ponce) and his band.

After: escape attempts, hang gliding over the bay and subplots involving game, with no particular order, a henpecked toucan (George Lopez), a malicious cockatoo (Jemaine Clement), a drooling bulldog (Tracy Morgan) a package of pickpockets and two experts on urban birds monkeys (Jamie Foxx and Does not even mention the minions and lovable dingbat street children in Brazil. Or the many musical numbers in mind.

Water for Elephants (2011) review - trailer

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There is something endearing old-a story of love between a great driver and a child who runs away to join the circus. What is "Water for Elephants" most intriguing is a third person, reminds us why Christoph Waltz won the Oscar for best supporting actor for "Inglourious Basterds" (2009). Touch the circus owner, who is married to the pilot and keep her and everyone in his iron fist.

The story, based on the bestseller by Sara Gruen, is told as a flashback of an old man named Jacob (Hal Holbrook), who lost his parents in 1931, left the veterinary school at Cornell University took the road and jumped a train arrived, I do not know, a circus train. Played by Robert Pattinson in his youth, is naive and enthusiastic, and his eyes filled with amazement at the lovely Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) on his white horse program. The owner (Valse) in August ready to throw the train until he learns the young Jacob know anything about veterinary medicine.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Midnight in Paris (2011) review - trailer

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Was there ever really a golden age? And if so, did they know then? If people can recognize a golden age when they are in? For Woody Allen, whose musical tastes and cultural run for the years 1920 and 30, these questions probably fueled countless daydreams. And now, out of all this thinking is "Midnight in Paris", a film that is in love and melancholy, and often hysterically funny.

Romance is integrated into the design. A writer who has always been nostalgic, today visits to Paris and falls through a wave in time: In a Paris street, a clock strikes midnight and a taxi up to 1920 discs. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald are in, and take him to a party. Although at first the writer thinks that these are false Fitzgerald and is a costume party, he soon realizes that this is the real deal. Surrounded by music and styles you like and mingled with their idols and heroes of art.

Our hero of the film retains the break as easily as it should be. Meeting celebrities can be quite difficult, but compliance with the legends of the past - the eagerness to please is overwhelming. But there is always a touch of bitterness, too, because you look 20 years through the eyes of a modern person who is a world that is by definition the past. The past is always romantic, because he's gone, just like the future is always scary because you're away.

The Skin I Live In (2011) review - trailer

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"The Skin I Live In" is, like most films of Spanish director of a film that can not be announced or explained in a few sentences. I remember her excellent work in "Talk to Her" and "All About My Mother." "Talk to Her" was a love story between a woman in a coma, and her rapist, while the mother was a film about a nun with AIDS, a transvestite with a heart of gold and a woman looking for the heart of his son. In one of the films of Almodovar phrase all sounds twisted at best. But in the hands of a master, they are beautiful works of art. Ditto for "The Skin I live In." In one sentence (like so many others who have not seen the film are quick to point out), the movie seems scary at best and deal with a plot that makes the more unpleasant.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Attack the Block (2011) review - trailer

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In " Attack the Block," the feature writing and directing the first British comedian Joe Cornish, an alien invasion occurs in a public housing complex in London, and only a group of teenagers seem to realize.

Pulse with a bustling energy, the film works both as a fiction horror sci-adolescent adventure film. The biggest trick is withdrawn from Cornwall opens the film with his players attacking a woman (Jodie Whittaker) and still somehow make them appear as the story unfolds, deserves to be known (and rising brutality never excuse).

Circumstances may force the victim of aggression to join forces with them, and their transition from villain to hero in terms of public sympathy is simply excellent, especially for the leader of the gang, Moses (John Boyega).

Cornish approaching history with either condescension or nostalgia. The film clearly references monster movies of the 80s-era as "The Thing" and "Gremlins" in its visual style, but rather than go to some vague "makes me feel like I'm 12 years old still "feel that is popular with the crowd Comic-Con, Cornish create something that feels fresh, new and now. One of the big laugh lines of the film comes in the middle of a race that one of the boys exclaimed, "This is madness too much to explain in a text"

Source Code (2011) review - trailer

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A man wakes up on a train and have no idea how it got there. But the woman sitting opposite him know who he is and beats a conversation. She calls him by name - but not his name. And when he goes into the bathroom to detect faces in the mirror is not hers.
It's exciting to open "source code", a thriller that takes a premise of science fiction and not use it for the sake of flashy effects, but as a gate in the human soul. The story is simple, but the goal to feel about a man trying to identify who committed a mass murder - to prevent an even greater catastrophe.
Five minutes, the film includes everything for us: a commuter train is not really true. Earlier in the day, was destroyed in a terrorist attack. What we are seeing, but it is a kind of echo of memory. In the world of "source" science is able, for a while ', the opportunity to benefit victims of conscience' in order to re-create the last eight minutes of their lives - and collectively, to recreate everything you can do, that the train.
Just that concept in itself has power. One thing is seeing people on a train. But seeing these people and I know you see the last minutes of his life, everything they do makes sense and intensity. Moreover, knowing that what is not even real, it is not time travel, but only the waves of memory, creates a favorable awareness of the simplicity of human desire.
This is the "source code" for him before something happens, even. This is before the box was filled with a good story, a tense action, issues and programs to play great and deep.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) review - trailer

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Matthew McConaughey plays a slick Los Angeles criminal defense attorney in the film adaptation of Michael Connelly legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer. The public is likely to have a clear recollection of the star as a lawyer sweating Mississippi 15 years ago in the film adaptation of John Grisham legal thriller, A Time to Kill. These customers will be pleased to know that the man still looks great support in court, still offers his lines with an accent of the variable, with barbeque for dinner. This time, McConaughey is Mick Haller, who is familiar to fans of detective fiction bestseller Connelly's half-brother of the LAPD Harry Bosch. Haller beaten unorthodox: Sa''bureau''est the backseat of his chauffeur Lincoln Continental, and customers tend to be colored on the underside of the bridge type of character that actors love.

Fright Night (2011) review - trailer

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"Fright Night" benefit from an ideal location in Las Vegas, the night city. And 'suburban residential insulation disturbing. Seen from the air is several square blocks of houses and roads completely surrounded by arid desert. Customers who bought his first house here was an optimist.

Maybe it was Jerry (Colin Farrell). It is a simple man, handsome and charming, who lives next to the Brewsters. Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is a teen with little expertise on the usual vampires, so it is sensitive to vibrations of some of the neighbor. His divorced mother, Jane (Toni Collette), picks up the most room testosterone. They both wonder why Jerry is an unsightly dump in his front yard, and where all those clods come. The exterior of the house remains unchanged.

To be sure, all the windows blacked out Jerry, but we are told is not uncommon in Las Vegas, where so many people working in night shifts and sleep all day. Seems reasonable. Both houses are close together (especially in view of miles of empty desert around the development), and Charley find it easy to monitor the suspicious movements of Jerry's window second floor room. Charley friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) communications that the student has been missing in their class, and begin to suspect that Jerry may be a vampire.

Conan the Barbarian (2011) review - trailer

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Composed entirely of massive, bloody set pieces, Conan the Barbarian is proof that the effort fans should be careful what they wish. Designed from the remains of what someone might think they want a film to look like Conan, but without any thought given to the characterization, plot or coherent staging and director Marcus Nispel a reimagining of the icon cartoon, with a few exceptions, a complete disappointment. Between Conan and Fright Night is a great boy battle at the box office for a draw gives Spy Kids 4 to steal the first place.

Conan is a Cimmerian warrior who is literally born on the battlefield. (14 years old Leo Howard plays him as a boy.) A natural fighter, he develops a sense of strategy and brutality at an early age. But when his father (Ron Perlman) Corin is killed before the eyes of incubation of the child, Conan dedicates his power to avenge the ruthless warlord Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), which decimated his people and his life left in the ruins.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fast Five (2011) review - trailer

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Ten years and a number of innings later, "Fast Five" is the first result of 2001 "The Fast and the Furious," which is worth seeing, not an embarrassment or a parody of the original image.

Director Justin Lin, who directed the previous two sequels, is not that director Rob Cohen ("The Fast and the Furious") is, and still do not really know what to do with Vin Diesel. This is an action star in the mythic dimension, an actor who can take an audience anywhere, and half the time allowing Lin looks like any other good, middle-aged, bald.

But at least this time, We are looking for things. He found, for example, that it is always wise to give the last word on diesel fuel each scene to shoot him in the foreground, the soundtrack is a lot of support, even if his line is something like "We need to get fresh air." It does not matter. Diesel growling and words suggestive of his bass voice, what he says seems to me particularly important.

Senna (2010) review - trailer

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"Senna" is a documentary with the pace of a thriller, a tale of motors and machinery is more than convinced by the intensely human story that counts.

Brazilian Ayrton Senna was the little genius Formula One Racing, winner of three world championships before dying in an accident in 1994 at the age of 34, a former Formula One driver runners recently voted the greatest ever lived.

But if everyone could do was Senna's race, it would be a great story. Although he could drive like the devil, Senna was a deeply spiritual person who believes and a higher power. A mystical philosophy with the nerves of a jewel thief and the sensitivity of a poet, not to mention the killer looks good, Senna was a truly extraordinary individual. And. Deeply contradictory

On the one hand, Senna is a sensitive man, who wore his heart hinged on his race run, one of your own heart can not help out so that it tries to maintain a sense of decency and dignity in the cup throat area. But Senna was also the toughest competitor you can imagine a person who lived to win and never hesitated to push the car beyond their designed capacities. Triumphed in Formula One, he told an interviewer, is "something so strong, like a drug. Once you experience it, you search for it all the time."

The Hangover Part II (2011) review

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The crew even ruin is in place with the main culprits - Phil (Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) - the pressure of another drug and alcohol induced failure with a new missing person, a old nemesis resurfacing and another marriage in jeopardy. Justin Bartha is Doug, who had lost her husband last time shows shortly thereafter remain in the pool while his friends go wild and crazy in Bangkok.

Todd Phillips, who led the first and has a script full of other crazy comedy, "Old School" and "Due Date", including another player in return. It keeps churning chaos, squeezing the fun of what it can offer and awfully funny moments you may feel the need to apologize for laughing at the latest. Phillips has worked with Craig Mazin ("Scary Movie 3 and 4" and up) and Scot Armstrong ("Old School" and others) to write the last cycle of abuse. However, this scenario is much less original than the original written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, even though the two plots are so closely related that if you do not see for the first time, you will not get half the jokes in the sequel .

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) review

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"Kung Fu Panda 2" is exactly as you expect and more. The animation is superb, the story is much more than the original, and boundless energy. I enjoyed as fully as I could, given the horror of his 3-D. The original film, 2-D wide screen was great. But never mind. Hollywood has brainwashed us (or themselves) to the 3-D is an improvement and not a nuisance.

What is the best, this extension is that duty is not a coating of the original, but an ambitious expansion. Among the many new elements, not least is the solution to the mystery of how Mr. Ping, a goose, could be the biological father of the Po, the panda. In the original film, as I can remember, each character represents a different species, so I thought maybe unexplored reproductive processes used. But no, Po paternity is explained here, and has a lot to do new development in the kingdom.

Thor (2011) review

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It takes a director known for his sense of Shakespeare to an action movie spectacular summer filled with epic battles and struggles family.

According to Kenneth Branagh management, Thor has spectacular special effects, sound and performance, perhaps the most remarkable 3-D technology to good use. Although the plot has some holes, the dazzling appearance of the film, the action sequences rattling land bridge these gaps.

Based on the Marvel superhero comic book origins of Norse mythology, the God of Thunder to free jokes funny enough to make the whole enterprise more enjoyable.

Not only is it great to watch - thanks to CGI spectacular cast and production designer Bo Welch regular work - is anchored in a performance attractive, Chris Hemsworth. Although it seems every inch heavy Norse god, Hemsworth is not just a piece. His charisma and a charming smile go a long way toward engaging to do Thor.

Jane (Natalie Portman), Erik (Stellan Skarsgard) and Darcy (Kat Dennings) is a trio of contemporary scholars, as is done in a disoriented Thor, which crashed in the desert of New Mexico.

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) review

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The Adjustment Bureau2Here we go again. I will be unable to stop myself. "The Adjustment Bureau" is a contradiction of free will and predestination, and there you have the dilemma of a lifetime, is not it? Or will the difference between what you want to do, or the book was already written, and all you can do is turn the pages.

That these issues are raised in a sci-fi thriller with a love story at its core should not be surprising. Sci-Fi offers storytellers the freedom to tinker with realism, and few writers have done with more complexity than Philip K. Dick. The film is written and directed by George Nolfi is based on a Dick story about a legion of "setting" that moves a strange thing and something known here, just to make sure everything goes according to plan. If the plan? Experts are not big on explanations. They are like secret agents of the rising power of your choice.

But the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray. Chance barges, and the interference must be corrected. In "The Adjustment Bureau", Matt Damon plays a congressional candidate, David Morris, who enters the room of one of the men he has every reason to believe that it is empty, and must come from a stands, but Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). What was she doing there? You do not need to cons-examine a Meet Cute. Above all, these two people who were never to meet that special chemistry which means they are a perfect match romantic. They know what we know, and when their eyes and their lips met, their stories intertwine.


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