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Moneyball 2011 review - trailer

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Such as cold beer in the tile sky, when he was a player in the line of the day, perfect hot, like a half long, slow and seventh - "Moneyball" satisfied.

Sports defender of the theater is the home of the deeper truths in a modest smile of "Moneyball" is an outer film dry, and value, it is easy to drive and take a little more than talent to be solid entertainment.

After all, can not adapt to a fantasy film about a book of Mr. narrative journalist Michael Lewis, the gold standard script by Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin? I can not go wrong with the personality of the golden boy role is played by Brad Pitt and corny caricature Jonah Hill? What a fool is a major American sports hit "moral victory to come back - all in the sleeping area, and pastoral reminds all Americans and the values ​​of a perfect past?

The answer, of course, a filmmaker who dares, is fattening, good relations with the bone or the technical apparatus of unnecessary melodrama. Fortunately, the "Moneyball" - which was briefly fell into the hands of Steven Soderbergh with another professional - Bennett Miller, who was very intelligent, he has to offer the story of Truman Capote on the big screen in 2005 film "Capote."

In this case, Miller is not a bad start in life and athletics, Oakland Billy Beane will be history by the Chief Executive in 2002 - competing against teams with a salary three times - tried to sink to recruit a new revolution in the game of baseball with "Sabermetrics" system that allows for players who were selected to know the rules.

This approach seems simple and clear. But in "Moneyball", this logic is contrary to the old school scout Beane, who played in the film where a group of colorful character actors and a few grizzled veterans of baseball and real life. His jokes, which are like players of the jaw and girlfriends when they decide them, and ready "Moneyball", with the rental of a solid ground of the good spirit of the vernacular. In addition, the charm of surprise sofas very conceptual point: that the objective truth, not only exists, but the questions, even if the stop is conducted by myths about the "feelings" and irrational beliefs.

But this does not seem implicit in the film is purely optional, which focuses first on a bunch of supporters of the reduced power is attractive, the first sips of beer Twinkie Beane.

Miller, the original function to a large understatement of the House of magnetism, but enough to make the genius of the team trained at Yale Peter Brand (Hill plays a character in a real-life Paul DePodesta based) blind.

If you change the brand confusion Beane determines the Cleveland Indians to such provocation, seductive glamor, with time, the two settled in as a joke, without thinking, and looking forward to the dynamics of brand ask Beane meets with Iceland, "head games efficiently." (Philip Seymour Hoffman, shaved head and full mode harumph, is perfect as an art director Hao area, who are not buying this.)

Because of this heterogeneous group, Miller and most of the major players and minor leaguers, is convey their personalities with a blend of charisma, without the possibility of change. The brand Beane jar, fun lists (Chad Bradford, who played James Bond Casey), get the wounded (Scott Hatteberg, played by Chris Pratt) and David Justice (Stephen Bishop), the former head of all the stars who have overcome deserves the title of "Old Man justice."

The secrets of "Moneyball" is not the only one that is the root of the public to Beane and the brand - a classic odd couple - but will have a heterogeneous group misfits, including the words refer to the shock always surprised with the quiet, no one noticed , the perfect, but the real potential. (Take the news that were negotiated or were sent as a hunting dog obedient).

As in years past, "The Social Network" and Sorkin also wrote "Moneyball" is unlikely breathes passion, which is basically re-elaboration of a calculation of numbers, and analytical work, which Sorkin "Moneyball" is not all about statistics and "The Social Network" in the coding algorithms.

In this case, and rationalization, to humanize the game really helped the players, which are open to dismiss lower eccentricities. Beane can relate to: not only was a star known that is not up to their abilities, but are now trying to keep his daughter (the temptation Kerris Dorsey), while his ex-wife and her new husband to give her the privilege a comfortable life in Malibu.

A cry from the heart of the losers and neglect have left behind a little to the "Moneyball" does not present itself as a particularly painful example of the tough economic times. It's high season, baseball fans in the end gives the horrible games to celebrate the miracle of a winning streak (at least by vicariously) and a hero to the people wrinkled. It is difficult, "Moneyball" without the "home run" to investigate the range. So, we will inform you about the rules with all the grace, humility and an abundance of the heart.

Moneyball 2011 trailer :
Director: Bennett Miller
Writers: Steven Zaillian (screenplay), Aaron Sorkin (screenplay), and 2 more credits
Stars: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright and Jonah Hill
Movie Release : 23 September 2011 (USA)


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