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Drive (2011) review - trailer

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Occasionally a film comes out that makes you sit there and wonder, "What I just saw?" Most of the time this problem is unlikely to respond to a supervisor. In the drive, it seems to be exactly what Nicolas Winding Refn want you to ask. 

The first scene shows the driver (Ryan Gosling), giving their only rule of Wheelman, while passengers back to the car in five minutes, he will do anything to escape. Had it not time, however, he left. He then proceeds to put this statement into action as two thieves escape with police. We see a combination of a high-speed chase and a stealth action thriller as police search for the car while the driver narrowly escapes them at every turn. One of the most tense scenes in a movie to date and effectively sets the tone for the rest of the film. Over the next 95 minutes, it will be uncomfortable and on the edge of your seat - but make sure you sit through it and never turn your head.

After returning, we met near the driver, Irene (Carey Mulligan). Her husband is in prison, and she takes care of their son alone. The relationship is between the driver and Irene is sweet, almost innocent, but intensely uncomfortable to watch. You know it's wrong, but want to root for the couple anyway.

Although it can be revealing, it looks like something that should be disclosed and discussed before seeing the film - no blood, much of it, and is surprisingly realistic. Halfway through the movie, things take a turn for the worse and punches are thrown and fired guns. It is not unexpected, but most of the films competing to represent the sequences of blood, is easy to see the action as it unfolds, as you sit at home and say that all false. Drive leading to another level, emotional film that makes you feel tense and on edge, but some of Gore will be those who have a weak stomach physically uncomfortable. As I watched the movie, I saw a woman leaving the theater. I did not see it return.

All around, the game was good. All played a character believable, but Gosling easily stole the screen, and really he should have. His character provides plenty of room for discussion, the driver can be read in different ways - like an old western "silent heroes" type, or even as a person with Asperger syndrome. His calm demeanor, nervous smiles, and the apparent lack of social skills synchronize perfectly with the character and seems to think the role of Gosling in Lars and the real love. It is possible that Gosling had in mind for the role of the moment the idea that the film has come in the mind of the writer.

Really, I do not think my review can give this simple film justice. All around - script, stage plays, etc. - everything is unique and deserves the highest praise. If your stomach is not easy to enrage, and you can prepare yourself for an exciting journey, see the drive when it hits theaters September 16

Trailer :
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Writers: Hossein Amini (screenplay), James Sallis (book)
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston 


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