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Movie Review : Puncture 2011 & trailer

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What happens to the heroes go to the cinema abroad against the heavyweights, without scruples or moral, is that you do not want to disappoint him a hero. Hole by sister team Adam Mark, and money, which tells the true story that the filmmakers may have been an unreliable prison, insane and irresponsible. The film revolves around a farm in 1990 in Texas, end of story touches on the pharmaceutical industry and the AIDS epidemic, which is important, but the necessary elements for a New Yorker instead of the movie and here the focus is about a rare personality to say the least! A McCain aide.

Ambition is certainly an interesting movie, but without a lot of coverage of the festival, who played only in Tribeca critics and cheerleaders, and can not hole many waves in the independent film at the box office, despite the similarities with other members of the Public Ministry is normal for kiss movie called Erin Brockovich.

Press releases describing the end of White, Mike, Chris Evans may have played a toowell as "the work of a drug addict." Do not know how to note that the definition of "performance". In the first moments of the film, thanks to Mike made a big deal, because it is clearly a time of rejoicing diver induced by drugs. He then studied mentally.

In celebration of the feast at home, things are at hand - is a drug addict and his wife disappeared sexaholic a gun and sent to everyone. Falls quickly to the personal chaos.

This great event happen. Get ER nurse (Vinessa Shaw), a needle is wounded two years ago with the human immunodeficiency virus. Mike says that is the case. Surprisingly, this is not the case, but imagine buying a lawsuit against the giant health care by refusing to provide the safety pin of the eccentric inventor of the wonderful old (Marshall Bell). Invention is a syringe used once and discarded, and prevent about 800,000 injuries annually by health professionals, who have suffered so much that lead to serious injury or death.

Tired of routine injuries, and he and his partner, Paul Danziger (played by Mark Kassen, co-director) look, Mike, is this is the main reason for the company. It is not necessarily bad, but is now fully able to appear before a judge or a member of the Senate U. S. (Kate Burton), without the drug problem is evident. Then, the film follows its own dynamics, often tells the story of David versus Goliath competitors, and losing a history of strong dependence.

Movie filled with great performance and no one blames the film as well. What a well-made film, not an error. Hero takes a completely distorted.

One could argue that Coca-Cola never without the request of paranoia and fuel, and Mike knows that he deserves a trial group of criminal property. Therefore, drugs upsideto. On the other hand ... Final offers of the defect in the thinking process, and without loss of insurance benefits, is Sir Galahad.

Magic of the movie is live on the edge of this marginal in the vicinity of furniture, unless Mike lives at home with his wife wisely ditches the beautiful moments in the work of Mike with his client and the nurse in a critical condition, and its tendency to the representative of the reorientation of Texas (Brett Cullen), a very thick and lots of money to corrupt a man in a sense almost of immorality in disguise. Or at least you can go against your view of drugs, and well that not even solve the problem that is likely to do in the interest of his client.

Even on the brink of the posters is a good reason to buy and negotiate contracts for hospitals and health centers, the U.S. and more than 5,000 contracts and bribes and incentives to purchase products NotTo allow a better and safer. These practices are today.

This story was created by brothers Chris and writer Lopata, Danziger in close collaboration with his partner, Mike, Paul. So the film is certainly more than the average "based on true story" movie. And it can keep you accountable for the control of people and Mike Danziger Hollywood is important, as it is moved in the Houston area that occur in taste, or suspect that dark forces have an important role in the death of a Mike later played without a tables is proof that this remains a possibility.

The film, which is food for thought after hospital purchasing practices undoubtedly contribute to the spread of HIV and our legal system is in poor condition due to lack of glamor side of addiction. (It was planned to clear the title to have more than one meaning).

As to the mean streets of office suites towers, drilling wander throughout the Houston area for the noir atmosphere in the light of the blazing sun to create. This film is about an amazing character, very frustrating and unfair that lets your doctor knife.

Puncture 2011 Trailer :
Directors: Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen
Writers: Chris Lopata, Ela Thier (story), and 1 more credit
Stars: Chris Evans, Mark Kassen and Vinessa Shaw
Movie Release : 23 September 2011 (USA)


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