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Movie Review : Shark Night 3D (2011)

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I tell you now I do not care if a good director David R. Ellis. When we speak of sharks and 3D, is all that matters, and the floating of these criminals to satisfy your hunger.

To speed up the blood and excitement, looking for a girl who was unable to do? Or knowingly, and prey selection, as Spielberg depicts the Great White?

The right to choose the first option. In fact, no other parallel in the script the night, the equivalent of modern 3D 3D Shark (Jaws 3 - D, 1983), in light of Joe Alves adventure and ship the poles.

I know that the film actor Dennis Quaid professional Alves, Pace Armstrong, Lea Thompson, and Louis Gossett Jr. - and this production by David R. It is not difficult to find an ounce of acting talent.

I also know that the Shark 3D, and even with all its errors, and Richard Matheson, writer, can be viewed in 3D on the night shark deserves.

But despite all this, in both cases, we have developed products that speak to entertain a young audience with the sharks, and a pretty girl and afraid of life.

However, I do not think James Cameron is very happy with the use of film in three dimensions. In fact, Alice uses the same formula with the emotion that is distilled in the final games of the series the final destination or Piranha 3D.

The director of Snakes on a plane, can not be expected.

Remember also that this is not a realistic novel, which is responsible for managing mobile creatures is a great Walt Conti, responsible for such things in Anaconda, Free Willy and the deep blue sea is

You really want to know the plot of the movie? Seven young people from Tulane University, one of the most beautiful parts of the state of Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain, Judge.

When I started having fun, swimming and sharks, and appearing before the Court, and select them in the list.

Less clear is whether this is an opportunity to plan the zoo intentions or bad.

Ellis, who has had experience with 3D destination is an expert in the field of underwater photography and second unit was on the set of the perfect storm and the deep blue sea

Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs worked, producer, and together on campus, and the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As you can imagine that a number of these titles have all the good care that fit the pattern of the night shark named survival horror aspects of 3D.

Trailer :
Director: David R. Ellis
Writers: Will Hayes (screenplay), Jesse Studenberg (screenplay)
Stars: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan and Chris Carmack


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