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Movie Review : Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)

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"Mr. Popper's Penguins", a fun ride a little imagination for many families is much better for your Popper's Penguins. Mr. Popper Jim Carrey not wrong in itself. However, it is ideal for the penguins and flying the heart of the viewer, walking and a complete farce.

There are six of them - the captain, Lovey, Bitey, Nimrod, friendly Stinky - named Snow White dwarfs the privacy of your personality. Despite the elegant appearance, dress, a little amount of damage, such as to induce him orange juice Webbie radiant smile, which is found in almost every corner of life, and Mr. Popper.

Directed by Mark Waters, who early in "Mean Girls" peaked in 2004 and fought more than success, "Mr. Popper." (Home discretion of the couple behind the silly "Hot Tub Time Machine") is slightly smaller than the writers Sean Anders and John Morris and Stern, Jared took the bones of children born to Richard Atwater Florence 1938 classic - for men penguins, and stopped life, the lessons learned - and gives the film a lot of modern problems, and perhaps one or two others.

Mr. Popper's operating base in the country is going in the big city, New York. It is no longer a humble painter, but a superb volley from a dealer in Manhattan real estate. But in his heart, and Mr. Popper trip of self discovery, which contains the film to introduce the concept of building and surroundings, what it takes to change a good father at this difficult time.

Film begins with a flashback to young Tommy quickly adventure travel Popper Rush in amateur and his father in the world (the father is absent, in modern language). The next time we see an executive of a successful, grown children of divorce in the books, and by the end of each week and the emotions aside carefully. But young women in his apartment in Manhattan, it is clear to see that I was alone in the foreground.

With the news of the death of his father's inheritance is unexpected: Penguin. The road is approximately six (this is the problem of supply). Care and nutrition is difficult to say the least. Appeared to him, "p" do not pee Assistant alliterative (Ophelia Lovibond) along the streets, he can. Popper difficult to manage corporate climbers, is a disease of birds and growing, and warm relations with the family.

Familiar with the former president Lady Carla Gugino as the most bitter mixture. Madeline Carroll ("Swing Vote"), Maxwell Perry Cotton are the grandchildren of the teenagers and adolescents each year, Janie and Billy, who was the discontent of the public. But we can say that there is much goodwill towards the edges, as was the temptation, turning the father of a little crazy when he turned his apartment into the cold ice and snow for the penguins gardens of your package.

There are a couple of external pressures, to keep the work of cooking. Popper is the head of the acquisition of hungry people in the green bar, Popper and the game company in the future to convince her reluctant Dean (Angela Lansbury) for sale. Try, "a specialist in birds fly" (Greg Craig), which resembles a train, "101 Dalmatians" and one in New York's zoo to have the birds, for dubious reasons.

But do not overcome the Penguins star, Gentoo is a combination of physical training for the film and colleagues generated by computer. Teachers of special effects to mix the two easily, which makes it easy to believe that there is no magic digital concerned, may be all about art.

Birds also make a movie with comic extreme Carey put most of the "Dumb and Dumber" for him on the side. While the largest number of birds that are working, and a major charity event at the Guggenheim Museum, with its spiral ramp, slide, and the small moments can be even more comfortable. Dinner and "tranquil" in his house, and forms of cutlery with the state of Popper's Penguins and ugly fish without obstacles.

Ironically, much of the eye is diluted Carey storm. It's almost as if he keep his anger to feel strange comics huge public only in recent years. But even with six pairs of happy feet and keep your lips and eyes looking for flexible Carey more often than not, there's a spark missing - and that's something magic about them, "Mr. Popper's Penguins" by clouds.

Trailer :
Director: Mark Waters
Writers: Sean Anders (screenplay), John Morris (screenplay), and 3 more credits
Stars: Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino and Angela Lansbury


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