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The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) review - trailer

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Matthew McConaughey plays a slick Los Angeles criminal defense attorney in the film adaptation of Michael Connelly legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer. The public is likely to have a clear recollection of the star as a lawyer sweating Mississippi 15 years ago in the film adaptation of John Grisham legal thriller, A Time to Kill. These customers will be pleased to know that the man still looks great support in court, still offers his lines with an accent of the variable, with barbeque for dinner. This time, McConaughey is Mick Haller, who is familiar to fans of detective fiction bestseller Connelly's half-brother of the LAPD Harry Bosch. Haller beaten unorthodox: Sa''bureau''est the backseat of his chauffeur Lincoln Continental, and customers tend to be colored on the underside of the bridge type of character that actors love.

The client's most recent attorney, however, the products amateurs. Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe, her petulant lips telegraphing his position) is the son of a wealthy family and was charged with attempted rape and murder. He swears innocence, but it may or may not be guilty. And his case comes up against another former client convicted Haller already ill. He gets all moral gyroscope Haller swirling in a way that makes reading much, but not automatically compelling movie goes. Field projection is funny on paper looks like generic screen, here's another lawyer movie when the characters are just as interesting as the actors who play them. Director Brad Furman at least give them their space. Among the draws: William H. Macy (in hair Shameless) as a researcher for Haller, Marisa Tomei as Haller As is ex-wife, and Bryan Cranston (with more hair on Breaking Bad) in a small role as a detective swell hard-ass


Director: Brad Furman
Writers: John Romano (screenplay), Michael Connelly (novel)
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe


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