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The Adjustment Bureau (2011) review

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The Adjustment Bureau2Here we go again. I will be unable to stop myself. "The Adjustment Bureau" is a contradiction of free will and predestination, and there you have the dilemma of a lifetime, is not it? Or will the difference between what you want to do, or the book was already written, and all you can do is turn the pages.

That these issues are raised in a sci-fi thriller with a love story at its core should not be surprising. Sci-Fi offers storytellers the freedom to tinker with realism, and few writers have done with more complexity than Philip K. Dick. The film is written and directed by George Nolfi is based on a Dick story about a legion of "setting" that moves a strange thing and something known here, just to make sure everything goes according to plan. If the plan? Experts are not big on explanations. They are like secret agents of the rising power of your choice.

But the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray. Chance barges, and the interference must be corrected. In "The Adjustment Bureau", Matt Damon plays a congressional candidate, David Morris, who enters the room of one of the men he has every reason to believe that it is empty, and must come from a stands, but Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). What was she doing there? You do not need to cons-examine a Meet Cute. Above all, these two people who were never to meet that special chemistry which means they are a perfect match romantic. They know what we know, and when their eyes and their lips met, their stories intertwine.

Phillip Dick was intrigued by the devices that have examined the mechanisms by which life develops. I think he voted in favor of free will in the short term (duration of intelligent life on Earth, for example), the evolution of the average distance (things developed in accordance with fundamental principles) and predestination the long term (the universe of entropy and stop). A man and a woman whose eyes are cute should be concerned about the very short term.

In the film, David Morris realizes some men in suits and markers, which, curiously, are beginning to appear in your life. It meets two of them: Mitchell and Richardson (Anthony Mackie and John Slattery). They explain that they work for an agency that corrections when things go a bit. For example, David and Elise have no intention of keeping. What was he doing in the men's room, anyway? For her and David would not see.

OK, so this is where it gets fascinating. Do not see you again by chance. But this time, they recognize one another, you see, because they have encountered in the past. And 'possible for the second time they see each other would be the first time (if you follow me), they are not necessarily even notice one another. See a woman on the bus is not the same thing get into a conversation with his men's room. So answer me this: If the controls for the desire to forget, David, Elise, and never see him again, do not ask him to exercise free will? They see what is it?

So you might think, but the "The Adjustment Bureau," reveals the hidden layer of reality, that players will be able to be a Yankees game. David has run into deep space industry and warned that if is correct, his memory is erased. This state is reached through the door in a place that is not a logical possibility exists, it is like outside of the bedroom Jupiter, "2001", which had invited more intelligence to give the illusion of a family space without knowing the 'argument.

The plot develops a game of cat and mouse of the mind, where David and Elise, in love and feel as if they referred to each other, trying to outwit and elude men's suits and hats. This is fun, and Matt Damon and Emily Blunt is easy to report, does not seem as absurd as it is. Beneath his apparent level of sci-fi, romantic comedy lurking.

If you're like me, think of the universe in this film runs exceptionally inefficient design. There is no room for the opportunity of predestination. If you have a plan, you can not afford DIY. And 'well-known science fiction precept, to warn if you travel back in time and as a step in the wrong insects, you can wipe out the future. The moment we meet a very, very serious senior named Thompson (Terence Stamp), we begin to suspect that his employer has delusions of grandeur.

Thompson gives the impression that it is firmly under control and knows all the right buttons to push, but his problem is that David and Elise are seen behind the curtain and they do not need tools to plan. It 'also intriguing possibility that some self-direction times the freedom of choice.

"The Adjustment Bureau" is an intelligent and good film that could have been great if it had a bit more daring. I suspect the filmmakers were reluctant to take the consequences for a long time. What David and Elise mean by their adventures, I think, is that we are all in this together and we're all on our own. If you follow this through, the consequences are dangerous to some, not all religions. In the short term, but the film is a fun sorta comforting.

Director: George Nolfi
Writers: George Nolfi (screenplay), Philip K. Dick (short story "Adjustment Team")
Stars: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Florence Kastriner


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