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Rio (2011) review - trailer

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Deep in the jungles of Brazil, the world's last surviving male poachers blue macaw can be collected and shipped to Minnesota, where he falls into the back of a truck and lands in the hands of the owl girl named Linda.

Fifteen years later, Linda has gained owl young woman (voiced by Leslie Mann) and his name very imaginative Blue for him, became a stickler to fly sips of hot chocolate and talk about what precipitated the nose bursts Jesse Eisenberg.

Enter Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), a bird watcher Blu nerd Brazil convinces Linda to go to Rio to mate with a gem of a free mind (Anne Hathaway), the last surviving woman of the species. When the plan goes wrong, since these plans often do, and the jewel winding claw Blu chained and held captive by a vicious smuggler (Carlos Ponce) and his band.

After: escape attempts, hang gliding over the bay and subplots involving game, with no particular order, a henpecked toucan (George Lopez), a malicious cockatoo (Jemaine Clement), a drooling bulldog (Tracy Morgan) a package of pickpockets and two experts on urban birds monkeys (Jamie Foxx and will.i.am). Does not even mention the minions and lovable dingbat street children in Brazil. Or the many musical numbers in mind.

Most of this has a meaning close to zero, and why should I? "Rio" is a good-natured family film and a party visual splendor of a movie - a magnificent 3-D trip to Brazil on the eve of Carnival. Culminating, as he knew it would, in a sea of ​​dancers in feathers and sequins street with floats on the city's annual bacchanal.

The humor is a bit 'strange, and the operation is a bit' wild, but all he whooshes past tropical cyclone of colors and pseudo-South American benevolence. Breathtaking scenery meets bizarre characters and minor ethnic stereotypes.

Created by the studio (Blue Sky) and director (Carlos Saldanha, a Brazilian) behind "Ice Age" movies, "Rio" has the old familiar fizz: The climate may have warmed considerably, but the frantic pace and spirit of joyful interspecific cooperation is unmistakable.

Trailer :
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Writers: Carlos Saldanha (story), Earl Richey Jones (story), and 5 more credits
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez


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