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The Hangover Part II (2011) review

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The crew even ruin is in place with the main culprits - Phil (Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) - the pressure of another drug and alcohol induced failure with a new missing person, a old nemesis resurfacing and another marriage in jeopardy. Justin Bartha is Doug, who had lost her husband last time shows shortly thereafter remain in the pool while his friends go wild and crazy in Bangkok.

Todd Phillips, who led the first and has a script full of other crazy comedy, "Old School" and "Due Date", including another player in return. It keeps churning chaos, squeezing the fun of what it can offer and awfully funny moments you may feel the need to apologize for laughing at the latest. Phillips has worked with Craig Mazin ("Scary Movie 3 and 4" and up) and Scot Armstrong ("Old School" and others) to write the last cycle of abuse. However, this scenario is much less original than the original written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, even though the two plots are so closely related that if you do not see for the first time, you will not get half the jokes in the sequel .

Here is the current configuration. It's two years later and a bad tooth / Nice / dentist geek Stu from Las Vegas is fixed, her wedding wedding chapel stripper was canceled, and his girlfriend ugly fall. It is about to marry his new squeeze, a girlfriend named Lauren (Jamie Chung). The setting is Thailand, embarrassing for everyone, but hey, it's his childhood home, and that's what parents want. Given the history, have a bachelor party was nixed for a brunch of pancakes. But peer pressure led him to invite Prime promoter Stu Alan mouths (Galifianakis), whose room is a sanctuary for the crimes in Las Vegas.

Soon, all check-in at a Thai resort beautiful, determined to make this marriage as possible without incident. But then things like they do at any time, Alan is involved with a pack of wolves wake up in a seedy hotel in Bangkok with a monkey, a body part cut in ice bucket, Stu blurred again and Mr. Chow back in their company (Ken Jeong, still naked and screaming). It gets worse, apparently, a few times during the night the bride's younger brother Teddy (Lee Mason) have disappeared. They will find Teddy, set a lot of things and get them back to the wedding.

Although Helms is still in charge of slapstick, Galifianakis is the glue BD criticism - it's funny how an old shirt, making it as comfortable and uncomfortable to watch, as required in the scene. Cooper is considered the alpha dog, I guess because he's always at the head of the pack, and to order the chaos that has sown. But in reality, the central goal of his character seems to call the disaster play-by-play for the wedding party, you usually do with his shirt unbuttoned, so it may be assumed that the eye candy too.

One of the great jokes to keep a high laugh factor "Hangover" was the combination of crazy kids meet strangers try to reconstruct what happened (the police, children and Taser, anyone?). The filmmakers have returned very well, but not so successful. Mike Tyson will return, but his cameo just do not have the same punch (so to speak). Kinky is not a monkey (Crystal), who is in his / her moments, but nothing satisfying than a child or a tiger or a chicken that embarrassing Vegas. It is a lot 'of barely there, Paul Giamatti ticking so difficult. Girls, as usual, are not essential frills.

Trailer :

Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong, and 3 more credits »
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms


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