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The Skin I Live In (2011) review - trailer

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"The Skin I Live In" is, like most films of Spanish director of a film that can not be announced or explained in a few sentences. I remember her excellent work in "Talk to Her" and "All About My Mother." "Talk to Her" was a love story between a woman in a coma, and her rapist, while the mother was a film about a nun with AIDS, a transvestite with a heart of gold and a woman looking for the heart of his son. In one of the films of Almodovar phrase all sounds twisted at best. But in the hands of a master, they are beautiful works of art. Ditto for "The Skin I live In." In one sentence (like so many others who have not seen the film are quick to point out), the movie seems scary at best and deal with a plot that makes the more unpleasant.

A plastic surgeon (Banderas) belongs to the family directly from Pasolini's Salo. Maintains a beautiful woman (Anaya) as a guinea pig and try to create a new type of skin. But the character of Anaya, in what seems a metaphor for the film, his character remains the house intact, regardless of what happens to your body. Like most films of Almodóvar layers become more complex as the film unfolds and by the end of the film there is a rebound that Freud could have found.

Without spoilers, I want to stress that the director appears to use terror as a channel to explore the violation of all moral character code embodied. With a beautiful score by Alberto Iglesias, Almodovar is trying for a difficult genre, and it pays. Set design and cinematography, as always with Pedro film is excellent. The reception sticks the film was a mix I can understand why. It is simply not an easy film to watch. For those who do not seem to have a problem with American horror films where teenagers are persecuted, raped and cut into small pieces with a chainsaw, but is horrified by "the skin where I live," I have a suggestion : Let us remember that fiction is in fact the only place where you can face the horror and gore as metaphors for our human weaknesses, a place where we do not have to hide our demons, but we will talk to them, one hand how the patient is not bad .. . As Hitchcock said, is only a movie, my dear.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Writers: Pedro Almodóvar (screenplay), Thierry Jonquet (novel)
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya and Jan Cornet


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