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Fast Five (2011) review - trailer

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Ten years and a number of innings later, "Fast Five" is the first result of 2001 "The Fast and the Furious," which is worth seeing, not an embarrassment or a parody of the original image.

Director Justin Lin, who directed the previous two sequels, is not that director Rob Cohen ("The Fast and the Furious") is, and still do not really know what to do with Vin Diesel. This is an action star in the mythic dimension, an actor who can take an audience anywhere, and half the time allowing Lin looks like any other good, middle-aged, bald.

But at least this time, We are looking for things. He found, for example, that it is always wise to give the last word on diesel fuel each scene to shoot him in the foreground, the soundtrack is a lot of support, even if his line is something like "We need to get fresh air." It does not matter. Diesel growling and words suggestive of his bass voice, what he says seems to me particularly important.

Lin is also the tone that eluded him in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." "Fast & Furious," and finally made the transition from the gloriously stupid stupid, what is paramount in the action film. "Stupid" is when a movie is ridiculous, but take it seriously - and expects to take it seriously. "Gloriously Stupid" is a film that offers something ridiculous and you know it's ridiculous - but then agreed to go beyond ridiculous and will surprise you with the absurd and ridiculous film, can be pompous while keeping a straight face. "Fast Five" does exactly that.

The gloriousness starts two minutes Dominic (Vin Diesel), a street racer engineering, was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison - but no, do not be sad because it will never get there. His sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and her boyfriend Brian subtle design a system for the purchase of the bus in prison - by forcing him to slide off the road and go back over half a dozen times at high speed. Why not just blow up?

Then a few minutes later, found in Brazil, depriving racing cars of a moving train, in a sequence that is laughable until you find yourself leaning forward in his seat with the mandible in the knees. Action choreography beautiful.

"Fast Five," Dominic, Mia and Brian are prohibited. They can not go home and can not earn a legitimate living in Brazil, so do not have the economic means for the crime. At the same time, the FBI agent on the trail is not a regular FBI agent, but the best part is - the toughest, meanest, most ruthless and driven, which is even bigger, meaner, and Balder the Diesel : Dwayne Johnson, the Rock.

But when Dominique, Mia and Brian is to be criminals, they must be virtuous and Chris Morgan, in his scenario, finding a good idea: they decided to steal a very bad guy, the most corrupt man in Brazil who exploit the poor and the police in your pocket. Dominic is the idea of ​​a big score and then go out somewhere to relax. (After all, there's nothing more relaxing than looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life, knowing that you have torn from a gangster.) So they combined the ultimate team to remove the heist of the century.

"Fast Five" is not a movie idiots - idiots is not even a movie, although sometimes one wonders. (At one point, the gang steals the six police cars, and instead of making them garaged as quickly as possible, they race through the streets of Rio.) Rather, it is a film that the public think of the joy of living in film is more important than common sense or logic, and who can laugh and I like the film, at the same time.


Director: Justin Lin
Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson (characters)
Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson


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