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The Beaver (2011) review

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Bizarre and belabored, but grimly fascinating, "The Beaver" opens in Mel Gibson's painful when you are looking for times, which sounds a bit 'like Michael Caine says: "This is a picture of Walter Black, a hopelessly depressed individual". It does not seem promising, but the film, which was directed by Jodie Foster, has more than it promises, ie performance that draws its exceptional know-how and irresistibly what it takes to be a real movie star whose life anxiety private has become a ruin.

The narrator, as it evolves, is Walter himself, toothsome and rodents of the title is a puppet he wears on his left hand. With Beavers Walter suddenly and almost exclusively, begins to speak in an English accent to his wife worried, Meredith (played by Ms. Foster), his son terrified teenage Porter (Anton Yelchin) and his colleagues start to work. I'm not telling you something you can not find the trailer, and it is part of the problem with Kyle Killen scenario. It is a drama that does not depend solely on one device, a knack for being a puppet of the author, but deprives us of any sense of discovery by specifying the device sense a short film that gives Walter everyone he meets: "The person who handed you this is under the care of a prescription puppet designed to create a psychological distance between himself and the destructive aspects of his personality."

That would be a sufficient diagnostic, also refers to a pair of parallel. Porter writes term papers for other students, but does not know how to express themselves, Porter and his girlfriend, art, Norah, has given up painting because of ... I was thinking of a spell over all?

So what is recommended in "The Beaver"? First, but not least, Jennifer Lawrence plays Norah. I wish we had not been released because their "winter Bone" first film, the paper does not deserve it. However, full time, even a degree of manipulation of language with warmth and intelligence, at no cost. Then there is the man on the right of the puppet, in turn, tortured, ill humor, cartoons and charming. When I met Mel Gibson in Sydney almost 35 years, was a handsome young actor, with an open face with a winning smile, a generous gift and a bright future, though no one could imagine the magnitude of its success, or the depth of fall. The gift remains.

Trailer :
Director: Jodie Foster
Writer: Kyle Killen
Stars: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Anton Yelchin


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