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The Inbetweeners (2011) review

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 Five years ago, British TV channel for teenagers, E4, launched two new shows. "Skins" was designed to shock the bourgeoisie with their tales of teenage promiscuity and drug use. The cast was full of pretty things to play Bristol wealthy privileged teenagers. However, "The Inbetweeners" was about normal children living in the suburbs boring housing in rural England. Children with parents who stifle, rather than ignore them - children who are struggling to get laid competing gas money, and go on two pints of beer. Children who have cars shit, and girlfriends downloading, and spend their time masturbating and farting.

"The Inbetweeners" was as much about modern life as "Skins" - with all the usual references to video games, text messaging and the interpretation of the use of "smiley face". But so far, "The Inbetweeners" was basically an old man who comes of age comedy, with four players worry endearing things all concerned about this age, no matter what decade we have grown in the premise of the base has a wide appeal was broad demographic "Skins". He showed us that we were really more than I would have liked to have been. And the icing on the cake was crisp, funny dialogue writers Damon Beesley bite and Iain Morris (the man behind "Peep Show"). Not to mention the courageous attitude of the young actors to humble themselves in public. To give some examples ....

Posh Clown Will MacKenzie (Simon Bird) is seen shitting themselves as able lanky mutt, Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison) are seen cut his nob while pissing in the beer cans behind the car, but seriously dim Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas) , is seen as modeling with Speedo testacle sticking out of it, and Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) speaks almost exclusively on "clung" while completely failed to get any.

The genius of the team behind "The Inbetweeners" was to kill the TV when it was still bright and not to invent some reason, the urine of the poor to escape from it. The children made his three terms in the sixth year of the three series, and that was the end of it. And this new film looks less like the typical Hollywood shameless cash (which will have to wait for the MTV version produced by it) d credible and plausible to trace the history of children "in the summer after the school year has ended. By leaving the four young men face Greece in a cheap vacation package new targets for humor writers - cheap flights, holiday representatives doubtful lousy entry Scams night club and the holiday romance - and let the actors do what comes naturally - which is drinking, vomiting, shitting, eliminates at inappropriate times, and somehow, by some miracle, actually find girls that will give them the time of day.

I laughed out loud throughout the movie, loved the in-references to the events of the TV series (Will accidentally pissed off - especially Cameo Gilbert, my favorite character in the TV series, on the closing credits). And even though I really can not evaluate, I'm guessing that the characters are sufficiently well established in the film, even if the person was not considered a TV series would find funny. To be honest, Ben Wheeler DV photography did not really need to see on the big screen, but this is not a glorified TV movie. There are few greater feelings in life is to be a crowded movie theater with a group of people who share the same sense of humor. Right R-rated humor, which is not to try oh-so-hard to be subversive, and fails (Horrible bosses, I'm looking for you), but it is a moment of reality and authenticity of how the guys are talking about. Seeing the guys dancing on some unsuspecting "clung" on their first night in Greece, is worth the ticket price alone!

Trailer :
Director: Ben Palmer
Writers: Iain Morris, Damon Beesley
Stars: James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas


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