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Source Code (2011) review - trailer

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A man wakes up on a train and have no idea how it got there. But the woman sitting opposite him know who he is and beats a conversation. She calls him by name - but not his name. And when he goes into the bathroom to detect faces in the mirror is not hers.
It's exciting to open "source code", a thriller that takes a premise of science fiction and not use it for the sake of flashy effects, but as a gate in the human soul. The story is simple, but the goal to feel about a man trying to identify who committed a mass murder - to prevent an even greater catastrophe.
Five minutes, the film includes everything for us: a commuter train is not really true. Earlier in the day, was destroyed in a terrorist attack. What we are seeing, but it is a kind of echo of memory. In the world of "source" science is able, for a while ', the opportunity to benefit victims of conscience' in order to re-create the last eight minutes of their lives - and collectively, to recreate everything you can do, that the train.
Just that concept in itself has power. One thing is seeing people on a train. But seeing these people and I know you see the last minutes of his life, everything they do makes sense and intensity. Moreover, knowing that what is not even real, it is not time travel, but only the waves of memory, creates a favorable awareness of the simplicity of human desire.
This is the "source code" for him before something happens, even. This is before the box was filled with a good story, a tense action, issues and programs to play great and deep.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an army pilot who has been employed for a particular task. His conscience was screened in the body of a victim so he can look around, find out who blew up the train and head off another terrorist attack will take place in Washington.
His superiors will slow in reviving those eight minutes, and most of "Source Code" is to show the return trips. Each visit is a little different. Everyone is so urgent and desperate. Each presents a difficult situation: There are hundreds of passengers. How can you identify the culprit in just eight minutes?

Like his protagonist, "source code" gets a lot done in a short time and at the end of half an hour concise and packed, there is a feeling of having accomplished a journey. Vera Farmiga as the officer conducting the experiment, calibrate how well a soldier in the cold efficiency of mankind, and Jeffrey Wright as a scientist behind the ambitious project creates a detailed portrait of a twisted mind. Meanwhile, Michelle Monaghan, as one of the unwitting victims of the tragedy, is beautiful and vibrant. The concept of a man falls in love with a shadow of a dead woman is a pattern familiar in the art above. It is no less powerful in this picture very popular.
Director Duncan Jones has addressed some of these themes - the manipulation of science and the power and persistence of emotion - in his first feature film, "Moon", but a weak script led to a stagnant film. But here, working with a script by Ben Ripley top, he made a remarkable amalgam and win a gripping action film, which also serves as poetry.
Accuracy of science should be left to someone else to evaluate. But the hopes of evoking the great life - and the painful distance from ordinary people, things are looking for and what actually find - "Source Code" is a true and eloquent expression.

Director: Duncan Jones
Writer:  Ben Ripley
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga


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