Friday, August 12, 2011

Horrible Bosses (2011) review

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There are few pleasures better suited to comedy middle of the film to see normal people supposed to behave terribly. And if they violate the characters are played by popular film stars, great. Everything is a bit cheeky little nicer, for example, Billy Bob Thornton in the title role in Bad Santa. For this gentle comedy sourball list, we can now add Horrible Bosses, a bouncy, well built, nice ugly tale of anger, despair and vengeance amoral for employer-employee relationship, as Danny DeVito and Bette Midler made for marriage in 1986 of a great comedy of the brothers Zucker ruthless people.

Each piece is a proven, HR violation of this horrible story of a hostile work environment directed (to a good speed honed from Office episodes, Modern Family and parks and recreational areas), Seth Gordon. Company director Nick (Jason Bateman, the sound of bitterness in the month of September) is a sadistic control freak (Kevin Spacey, in his own zone), an accountant / skirt brilliant hunter Bobby (Jason Sudeikis BN), to report corrupt , Coca-up party, Guy (Colin Farrell, exhilarating in its transformation implants), who runs family-owned land (and pollute the soil, it) and a dental assistant Dale (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie days, shouting and squealing impressive) takes outsized sexual harassment in the dentist's (Jennifer Aniston, excited to talk dirty.)

What first set up as a joke between the three friends - why not kill each other's worst nightmare? - Slowly coagulate to a vague plan that snowballs into chaos concrete, leading to ... Well, that would be terrible. Simply put, these three middle-class white lily Hitmen novices make the mistake of seeking the advice of a gangsta looking black Scary Guy is said Mother ---- ER Jones and played with sly notes Jamie Foxx gives the tone for the Horrible Bosses. The film is equal parts scandal (Aniston does really say that?), Piquant (Sudeikis has really stick that toothbrush is?), And soothing (AAW, dental assistant really loves his fiancée chaste). In this comic assault on inequality in the hierarchy of the company, only the governors get what comes to them. The public, meanwhile, are reaping the benefits.


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