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Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) reviews

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Gardening has expressed dissatisfaction with the year 2009 was a huge success, but often maligned "Revenge of the Fallen," the mass demolition, Maestro Bay has made dramatic improvements in this third entry in the series adapted live-action popular Hasbro toy and cartoon. Written by "Fallen" alum Ehren Kruger, "Dark of the Moon" boasts of a story more coherent, more varied pace and fresh as a target object in terms of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley UK, entering the fleshy as Megan Fox.

Specifically, to maximize the benefits of stereoscopy, Bay seems to have put a value slightly higher than visual coherence, taking more time than usual, indicating a greater continuity in the publication, which allows the viewer to enjoy the cars' in attractive 3D transformations improved idle, including enough wide shots to allow more generous, less claustrophobic view of the action. The result can be a great show inflated, but it's a great show you can still swollen.

After a prologue recapping the civil war that destroyed home planet of the Transformers', Cybertron, the film starts to run suddenly stirring close the American space program during the century 60 (cumulative discoveries and a brief re-enactments of processed grainy retro look ). In the short term, the image rotates a fascinating counter-narrative of the 1969 moon landing, by postulating a top-secret NASA mission to examine the remains of Sentinel Prime, the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his father (voiced again by the gravel, Peter Cullen) something.

Meanwhile, signs of renewed activity between the evil Decepticons are just the thing to attract young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf, more than ever bent) again into battle. Currently unemployed, Washington, DC, living with Carly hot gf (Huntington-Whiteley), and temporarily abandoned by Bumblebee, who is out exciting missions Autobots, Sam leaps into the fray and soon heads back with the national intelligence director Mearing Charlotte (Frances McDormand, bringing his usual no-bull attitude in the process). Mearing head butts in the round with Optimus Prime, Sentinel wants to revive the first of his dream before.

Bad idea, as it turns out, paving the way for what looks like a defeat for the Autobots. PIC sobering moment is interrupted before the apocalyptic fear looms just ahead on the dirt strips cut LaBeouf stained cheek, before turning his attention to Chicago, where the Decepticons, no doubt heard, tax relief over the city, they established a fortress .

This sequence of conditions, which occupies more than one third of the 154 minutes of the film running time, which amounts to a kind of exhausting tour of force that goes on and marked by widespread SETPIECE sometimes stimulate adrenaline. The most striking findings from Sam, Carly and other familiar faces in battle dress (Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson) trapped in a skyscraper collapses, DP Amir Mokri weaving device rapidly within and outside the building swaying as serpentine Shockwave, one of the Decepticons nasty creations "will kill you.

But even if it introduces a new degree of control the director, "Dark of the Moon" is a live-action cartoon, multiple paths of testosterone and body fat than the shaft meets the dramatic experience. LaBeouf also collect, and Huntington-Whiteley ass totally ogled can not borrow a lot of human interest to the scenario in which men and women are constantly belittled by the surrounding chaos. Now, as before, the cars are amazing feats of engineering of the requirement has decreased in the history of our motives loading their man arrogant and clumsy voiceover, three movies, this franchise is still possible to find something more interesting activities shout danger slogans before ripping off each other Cyber-guts.

The roles of the FBI agent Simmons (John Turturro) and the parents of Sam (Kevin Dunn, Julie White) are significantly slowed here, while John Malkovich and Patrick Dempsey deliver effective, if a single note of support as the new boss Sam and romantic rival, respectively. Sound mixing is topnotch and score Steve Jablonsky has the wave of emotion even though its vibrant rhythms suggest a variation more bombastic Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard is the theme of the last Batman movie.

3D offers a more sophisticated picture and coherent noted that the latest blockbusters, even though the objects in the foreground are often cut by the edge of the box away. As reported in Variety, Paramount launched the largest digital 3D printing at 2,000 RealD theaters, hopefully nailing the ideal level of image brightness on the screen to attend the screening.

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