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The Change Up (2011) review

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The change-up opens with a scene from the quake in the induction of Jason Bateman as a tormented father, receives a mouthful of shit changed a baby. After the diaper change, the film has nowhere to go but up.

Bateman's earlier summer comedy, Horrible Bosses, was more consistently funny, though he and Ryan Reynolds have a chemistry here that grows more pronounced as the movie progresses. Unfortunately, the gags quite pronounced, too.

Dave (Bateman) and Mitch (Reynolds) grew up together, but they took different paths. Dave is a workaholic lawyer with a prestigious law firm, and Mitch is a bad actor / pothead slacker. David is married to Jamie (Leslie Mann) and father of three children, Mitch is a teenager who invaded.

After a drunken night, they urinate in the fountain, the statue of a Greek goddess slurringly and declares: "I wish I had your life." Surprise! They get their wishes, and wake up one another's bodies. When the predictable jokes of their male anatomy different, the biggest problem is how to perform each other's life every day until you can turn the switcheroo. Think about the R-rated Freaky Friday with the guy.

The film attempts to reconcile the exaggerated body-switch formula hoarse with Judd Apatow-esque comedy, but not entirely successful. Reynolds and Bateman is much better than the material they have to work with.

The Change-Up would have been fired on all cylinders. Directed by David Dobkin helmed Wedding Crashers lot of fun and screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore wrote Hangover. What went wrong?

The authors rely too much bathroom humor. Mitch is too extreme, painted as the most irresponsible guys. But it is never explained why. He will not have a meal with his father (Alan Arkin), but we do not know what their history is back. It is hard to believe he would be so clueless and rude when he goes into the office of Dave. He feeds his pockets with free food and acts as a 12-year-old at a formal meeting. If a player in trouble, it would at least know how to act like a businessman.

Reynolds can do almost anything cute characters, and his Mitchell / Dave has some humorous moments. Yet it is hard to buy for their extreme personalities. And at the end of that character seems to have disappeared completely replaced by fax bland.

It 's funny to see Bateman, the man usually straight, let it go and play some wild uninhibited nature of his friend. Both arise charisma intact, an increase above the background corny message.

It is one of the most difficult tasks to a consistently funny comedy, but so much of the Change-Up feels lazy and familiar: a refrigerator full of moldy food Bachelor ago, unexpectedly crazy Booty Call, and an important presentation derailed causing officials to have failed, threatening to stomp off and cooking in a Huff.

Director: David Dobkin

Writers: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Stars: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde


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