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Griff the Invisible (2010) review

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A man is another man's eccentric maniac, "Griff the Invisible" explores how these differing perceptions that promote the human condition. The film has a heart, and whimsy (rare in Australian cinema), with a playful tone that does not try to convince us through the natural open we see in real life. And 'some' as a symbol, he said with irony. You buy it or not. I buy.

Griff (Kwanten) is the day in the office, where the goal is a timid office bully fun. But at night, is in its super-suburban belt, suitably equipped with a superhero wardrobe and ready to fight the dark forces road.

Increasingly concerned about the eccentric behavior Griff, his brother, Tim (Patrick Brammall) tries to convince him not to ... Well, as normal as everyone else. But when the new date soon Tim, Melody (Dermody) meets Griff, he is immediately fascinated by the idiosyncrasies Griff. A man after my heart just vicious, Melody starts fall to Griff.

Kwanten Griff is a complex character is hidden inside the shell of his invisible, in his yellow rain jacket with a symbol of the inner eccentric want to get away from it. It is a very sensitive description, it will take almost a childish and naive young man was tortured. Dermody is a sympathetic and convincing as his soul mate in the waiting room, a girl who is a misfit as he is, but that is recognized and accepted as live. And so it is Griff.

The opening sequence establishes Griff as the vision of the world around him is part of a reality. This cleverly tools for performance and direction.

In a film that is built with nuance and detail, the film production team (led by the producer Nicole O'Donohue and crowded with female heads of department) delivered beautifully, Karen Johnson Editing, production and beautiful Sophie Nash , music, multi-September Cato Lee Devaney and Larissa rate all play an important role. Simon Chapman's cinematography is also remarkable.

Leon Ford's debut feature film suggests talent to spare. The apparent magnitude of the film is low, but the underlying exploration of human nature are profound and universal. Griff and melody make a conscious decision to live the way they are both courageous and honest. We can all learn from these two, not to copy them but to imitate their courage. Ford says here that happiness in life comes not from the line, but honesty.

Especially if it's a funny movie, with moments of frenzy and some notes below the dark land of movie theme "be yourself" - no matter what. With a healthy and friendly, Griff the Invisible is a curiosity, but nice. Ford does what it aims to give us a new study on the importance of the dimensions innocence, imagination and childhood.

There are probably a little Griff and Melody in all of us, the aspect that will react to these characters, and barracks for them to negotiate the pavements gray life. As the games we played as children, in a gray sidewalk could easily be the battleground for the forces of good and evil, with us as the hero comes to save the situation.

There is romance in your film - in the true sense of romance - that gives this romantic comedy with a magical sensibility, driven by performance.

Director: Leon Ford
Writer: Leon Ford
Stars: Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody and Marshall Napier


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