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Your Highness (2011) review

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If James Franco looked dazed and confused host the Academy Awards this year, it could have been just an overview of the stoner comedy.

But to see him cut his arm as he did in 127 hours, is preferable to sitting through this raunchfest wrong.

127 hours, which presents a considerable talents of Franco and resulted in an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, His Highness seems like a waste of time awesome actor.

Not that everything he does has to be Oscar-caliber. It was very funny that the weed whacker is often wasted in the Pineapple Express 2008. But this movie is so immature, you Pineapple Express, and even Harold and Kumar, sophisticated mind.

Franco Express co-star Danny McBride co-wrote and co-stars here. Although McBride had a lot of fun in 2006, few saw Foot Fist Way, amiable man or French or right Swagger McBride save this comedy childish shortcomings of the script.

Most of the laughs come courtesy of the number of characters, as dorky waiter Courtney (Rasmus Hardiker), and the page named Julie infidels (Toby Jones). Justin Theroux is so funny Leeza evil sorcerer.

Co-authors McBride and Ben Best seems to have never met a joke about male genitalia did not like. The black humor is interspersed with scenes of bloody action. Modern medieval distributed in this environment is good for a laugh occasionally.

Franco is a brave prince Fabious, courage, and much admired older brother, Prince slacker Supreme Thadeous (McBride). Thadeous not only live in the shadow of his brother, he basks in it. He rebelled against the heroic life of hunting and other dangerous creatures of the Cyclops, he hangs out with a wizard of high weeds and the company of ladies loose.

McBride plays a similar arrogance in almost every film, with traces of vulnerability. But its mix of debauchery and good for nothing good was not intimidated here. His writing is much less effective, with scenes that begin with promise, then Peter.

During the marriage and Princess of Fabious Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), kidnaps the bride Leezar scary and creates havoc in the kingdom. The brothers set out to rescue the princess and take their revenge on which Leezar Theroux plays with wild enthusiasm.

In the middle of their search, they are joined by Isabel mysterious warrior (Natalie Portman) who is attracted Thadeous Royal. Portman performance is careful, almost worthy of an Oscar.

Trio of Heroes and fight monsters and riders double cross him much time to get the viewer's classic fun of a lot more fun Knights pictures: Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It is hard not to want a troop of wild trot across the country applauding coconuts and cows jumping off walls of the fortress, when stuck with unfunny antics Dude, Where Your Highness.


Director: David Gordon Green
Writers: Danny McBride, Ben Best
Stars: Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco


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