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Cowboys & Aliens (2011) review

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As an exercise in chocolate-in-my-peanut butter mash-ups, the concept of the struggle against foreign Cowboys joined the cars that transform into robots and snakes on the plane or not the best idea lo- bad-is-good kitsch.

"Cowboys & Aliens," an inspired adaptation of Jon Favreau's comic book of the same name, Reese could learn a few things about how you do it right. A return of love for the classic Western and science fiction, rails, this celebration of two of the most admired kind of film does not spare the squandering of their most cherished conventions impartial love and respect. Whether the solitary horseback in a desert, a dusty town or E.T is squishier, scary brother down a giant spaceship, "Cowboys & Aliens" are both natives quite right.

Favreau, of course, has found a pretty good solitaire. Daniel Craig stars as Jake Lonergan, who as the film opens he wakes up alone in the desert with a mysterious injury and a heavy metal bracelet around his wrist. When you ride the acquittal in the vicinity, its presence can go, crush down with a bully named Percy Dolarhyde (Paul Dano), whose father, Woodrow (Harrison Ford), owns a huge cattle ranches in the vicinity . When strange lights appear in the sky, and some city dwellers are drawn vehicles hovering in the head, taciturn, misanthropic and Lonergan crustily Woodrow Dolarhyde join forces to track down the bandits and interstellar bring people home. Eventually, they joined some local communities in search of the Apache tribes of the people, the Alliance even more subversive that the concept of outer space to the territory of New Mexico around 1875.

They are also helped by a beautiful woman named Ella Swenson, played by the lovely Olivia Wilde with the same professionalism supported all the other brings to society. (Terrific support players include Dano, Sam Rockwell as the owner sedan town and Keith Carradine as sheriff.) With a concept so ripe for overkill and excess, "Cowboys & Aliens" preserves the history and remarkable visual approach plain spoken and simple.

For most it is a western with lines of wild anachronism, an aesthetic clash Favreau (best known for his "Iron Man" movie), handles well. With the exception of slippery creatures of the lagoon intergalactic, who inexplicably invaded the 19 century, the Earth, most of the trappings of science fiction is not to see everything in its place, including that Lonergan is manacle s' fully enrolled in chains and handcuffs, he also occasionally performing, or the spaceship that looks like an outbreak, exotic carved Mesa.

There are moments of surprising, brutal violence, "Cowboys & Aliens," which made it really dark and scary monsters are not quite an easy job. Yet, when the wonderfully moody, but fit the Ford Indy stockings Craig is a jaw and Craig hits back harder, it feels like a stick before. ("Cowboys & Aliens" is produced by Steven Spielberg, who in this and the "Super 8" seems pleasingly low on the UN financial and diamonds-not-so-oblique homage to himself.)

Among the "Super 8", "X-Men" and "Captain America" ​​of course "Cowboys & Aliens" at risk met with indifference by the end of the public. It may be two in one, but the crowd, who pigged out the whole show of the summer, which may be two is too much.

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Roberto Orci (screenplay), Alex Kurtzman (screenplay), and 7 more credits »

Stars: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde


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