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One Day (2011) review

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July 15, the day in the life of Dex and Emma, ​​who is remembered for more than twenty years. The idea of ​​looking back on a day to two people is a sad fact. What can you learn more about two people and their feelings for each other, the trials and successes of life, not for one day a year? As a day to communicate with the viewer, much can be learned and investment in large letters obtained with these brief glimpses into their intimate moments.

Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) has formally met the night of graduation. They met before, but never how to Dexter and his relentless time and often forgettable forgetting its existence. Emma has had a long crush Dexter, which shows the viewer from the start - although we know that the concern of your body language and anxious expression. But Emma Dexter and become lovers during their first night, July 15, 1988. Instead, they fall asleep in the arms of others with the promise that he will spend the day together as friends. Flash Forward to July 15, 1989, and Emma Dexter and exactly what they said they would be among friends. Emma moved to an apartment in London and is about to embark on a journey to India.

Their friendship has evolved into one of the lucky one with close to another, and is the opposite of most people, it is appropriate for them to believe they will almost always, and should simply be friends.

As the years pass, and their time together, or just on the phone with each other, each July 15 for the truth quickly becomes clear that these two are meant to be more than friends. It's getting there that makes one day a dull romantic drama full of ups and downs in life, and friendship. We see Dex yield to his spoiled ways to live as a guest unpleasant late-night TV with alcohol and drugs. A very selfish existence Dex is created, with the only stable thing in his life, and that it uses is Emma. As for Emma, ​​she finds her dream of becoming a writer lost. Its financial obligations force them to be a waitress, and when unfortunate happens when he was offered the post of leader - as she bluntly states Dex, "they said they wanted someone who was not going anywhere." As Dex live life large, slow downward trend, Emma eventually finds himself as a teacher and a published author one day.

Director: Lone Scherfig
Writers: David Nicholls (screenplay), David Nicholls (book)
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess and Patricia Clarkson


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