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Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) review

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For an actor who tends to wrap lines in irony well cut, and from certain angles looks like Rowan Atkinson beautiful brother, Steve Carell an unexpected gift to play the honest men who just got hope from right under them. In the opening scene of the Crazy, Stupid, Love, professor of Cal Weaver (Carell), a fairly typical suburban Nice-Guy, dressed in wrinkled Dockers and sneakers worn, his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore) had an affair and plans to divorce. There was a time long ago when movies like Kramer against Kramer (1979) dealt head-on pain of broken marriages, and even crazy, stupid, love is nothing more (or less) light comedy that confusion charming and romantic it deep bone pain that led these films. It's a film that includes love, because he understands the pain.

Cal begins to drag in a local bar elegant collection, which, after more cranberry vodka, launches into monologues poured in self-pity, which are strong enough to gain the attention of Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a Lothario blonde hair in the ice and three-piece suits. In a mixture of pity and disgust (can not believe how pathetic is Cal), Jacob decided to give this loser a forty-year intensive course on how to be a bachelor again, that sounds like a very situation-ish movie, and - it, in fact, that Will Smith Hitch fed. But Crazy, Stupid, Love, even when off of a facility like this is a sweet spot observation - and a good eye for detail - which makes it fun for the study of contemporary behavior.

Carell delivers sadly funny and easy to live when a husband and father of three children who have lost any remnant of his alpha male instinct. When Gosling as Stud, a bar, Henry Higgins, Carell gets a makeover (his eyes and his personality), it does so with contempt for dry, which is drolly surgery. Cal must be an avid student of art rather depressing to manage his sexual jokes so science manipulative. Learn how to work for him, but it is only the first show of the film.

The film is also about Cal and Emily floppy-haired 13-year-old son, Robbie (Jonah Bobo), which is a frighteningly powerful crush on the family baby-sitter (Analeigh Tipton), who has a secret crush on his own. And 'Hannah (Emma Stone), a law student tries to drive his romantic life in a controlled his career, and what happens when he meets Jacob. This is Emily's relationship with pompous accountant (Kevin Bacon), who broke his marriage, throwing Cal with a moody teacher (Marisa Tomei), and feelings of the Emily Cal and more. Crazy, silly, Love is written by Dan Fogelman (which is coscripted animations, such as cars and the Bolt and Fred Claus), and directed the team, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (I Love You Phillip Morris), and are happy to report that they did one of the best traditional adult movies this summer.

Tart, funny, sweet melancholy and rooted in experience, Crazy, Stupid, Love, is like a Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters, if only he had hailed from the suburbs.

The picture is full of moments of taste, is that Jacob tells schlubby CAL''parempi Gap,''or Cal and Emily for connection to the parents 'and teachers' conference (a meeting of all but vibrates with the years have shared together), or Hannah, and Jacob's affects post-coital whispers, or big speech at the end of a romantic - a traditional time, of course, except that with hard work, the battle weary affection, Cal words left me in tears. One of the reasons the film, Cal is the decades-old line of Emily:''It 'the perfect combination of sexy and carina''Crazy, stupid, love is a perfect combination of sexy, cute, smart, fun, and true ..


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