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Final Destination 5 (2011) review

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Death can not be mistaken, as so miraculous escape after eight people in a disaster suspension bridge ... things start to happen. These things happen? Oh, they are bad, but not just bad. They are complete and destruction, disturbing and very funny, if the public ends up laughing, crying and gasping at the same time. It's a healthy fear ridicule people do and you will make about 10 ten times even if you're going to see "Final Destination 5."

What else can I say? Wait, let me see my notes. "Great when the car lands on her head." In fact, yes, it was one of many highlights when the car lands on the head of a woman. Not good for the car, not a good woman, do not try this at home.

How strange is this. "Final Destination 5" is irresistible, and the reason is irresistible, who speaks in a language that everyone understands what is fear. If eternal beings came to earth to watch "Final Destination 5", who see the document curious. Only if you looked at the man who would be transferred to the general public, and only to the general public, because people go crazy for it. This is a comedy about death.

The film makes the public and all-knowing way, and still raises their vulnerability, forcing them to see danger in everything. It's funny and terrifying, the most obvious junk, yet so effective that it makes no sense to talk to her.

The formula - it is not broke, why fix it? - Is now well known. A group of young sheep on a transport vehicle, in this case a bus for an employee pension. Everything seems to go regularly, and Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto) notes that bridge, they started to collapse, which is not a good thing. He fled the bus and other effects, and over the next five minutes, we are treated to a spectacular disaster, with cars overturned in the sea and the individual characters being killed in a horrible and spectacular .

But wait. It was only a vision, a premonition of the future. Now, with a warning 30 seconds to a minute, Sam gets up and brings some of the buses, but this time in reality. That means that we will see the collapse of the new bridge - how to live differently. And we have a group of survivors, each of which are available to be killed again. You see, it is assumed that this bridge, and if it's just a matter of time before ... Death is updated.

The rest is a game between the film and the public. The film tells us that he killed himself, in what order. In a sense, the filmmakers link one hand behind his back and said, "We will surprise every second now. You do not know when or how." The scene in which a young gymnast goes through a routine is a good example of successful comic suspense. The film establishes a number of ways you could be killed or even shock. As the fifth installment of "Final Destination", this means that people or people become filthy rich from this, but fair. inventions like the phonograph and light bulb are much easier to follow, but there is a place for the humble creations, like Frappuccino and "Final Destination" series, which do absolutely nothing except lighten the day.


Director: Steven Quale
Writers: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick (characters)
Stars: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell and Arlen Escarpeta


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