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Blitz (2011) review

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The omens are not good. A Starr Jason Statham Blitz right do not expect another of his full of explosives, the concept down, punch-up flicks interrupted by a gross story from the man himself. But these expectations are confused by the real device - a film that veers between crime exciting and fun with narrative echoes of the cracker and top television series of tonal nuances jaded one-liners that kept up to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Complete the rude behavior Statham places, and so far, too little comic timing and un-PC Detective Brant in this adaptation of Ken Bruen's novel is. First I meet him in the opening scene, born of his booze soaked win a bunch of wannabe theft. Brant guarded by a muscular character will soon be vacated at the COP-killer, played with superb animal strength Aidan Gillen, who copied it, "Blitz", and the tips dodgy tabloid trick Dunlop Harold (David Morrissey) of its intentions. Brant initially uneasy union of gay police chief Porter Nash - plays an understated but impressive Paddy Considine - to continue the murderess before it can cause more damage to the force. A rare film actor Mark Rylance alternately hailed as a leader Brant, mourning is the icing on the cake.

What follows is far from sweet, but violence is particularly nasty and explicit. Frequent flashes of humor are, fortunately, make sure that the film is too dark to digest. Statham delivers the line "Do I look like I carry a pencil?" a smarmy police psychologist is particularly evident with comic references to Michael Jackson and Lee loved Diff'rent Strokes The 80 comedy. Address pace by Elliott Lester, an exciting chase sequence and a soundtrack exciting are also important ingredients in the success of the bombing.

However, if we dive below the surface defects can find many. With the exception of the relationship that develops between Brant and Nash credible, a lot of character development is very basic and numbers. Journalist David Morrissey suffers from this, a little more than a caricature, while Ashton Zawe work hard to instill suspicion of money convincing realism that affect their WPC morally conflicted. There are also caves in the later plot (plot holes do not do it justice) that will leave you puzzled for hours, you should try to analyze some of the sequences surrounding the facts. Fortunately, these flaws are not enough to overshadow the many positive points.

Packing a lot of laughs as a comedy media blitz is a surprisingly effective thriller that manages to exploit the strengths of Jason Statham. Blending style, grit and amazing spirit, is largely a company practice that leaves you longing for the future adventures of Brant and Nash. Just try to spoil the fun thinking too much after the film.

Director: Elliott Lester

Writers: Ken Bruen (novel), Nathan Parker (screenplay)

Stars: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine and Aidan Gillen


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