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Friends with Benefits (2011) review

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Last 45 years we have seen the gradual deterioration of traditional morality, in all the traditional rules of love and sex. At the same time, the demands of a romantic comedy has remained the same - to reinforce the love, so it's fun and keeps the public to believe. So, what if you want to do a romantic comedy now?

One way, the wrong way is to deny the obvious and obscure the truth, to rely on the Convention and to skate on the charm of two stars. This, fortunately, is exactly what "friends with benefits" does not work. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis has charm to spare, but the film did not abuse its assets. Instead of giving them an honest history of working with, which recognizes that adults only challenge is the same as the challenge of romantic comedy - to get to love in a world without rules. In a jungle.

So it is a headhunter company. It is a transplant from Los Angeles, who came to New York a great job with quarterly master. And they respond professionally and in love. But they fear that a romantic involvement would destroy their budding friendship, and if they decide to have sex and keep emotions out of it. The configuration is something like "No Strings Attached," Ashton Kutcher a, Natalie Portman film earlier this year, but "Friends with benefits" takes things beyond the gimmick sex.

In fact, this film is the hardness and austerity strike some people as vulgar, but if you reject it on that basis you might as well reject the times you live in. Therefore, the first sex scene hits all good grades. He is rude, immoral and so mechanical that you wonder about these people. But if you pay attention, you will discover in their left hand of the report, and the basis of mutual attraction of an link.

Not long ago in the history of courtship, sex was the last frontier of proximity. Our grandparents did not arrive there too often in their lives dating, but when they did, they knew what they were. But the "Friends With Benefits," sex can mean anything, and all spoke the intimacy can be a trick, or product in the mood passes. Crudeness first sex scene is beautifully against each other a moment later, the two just a kiss, and understand the real exchange intimacy. MTV is an annual award for best kiss. This is a pioneer.

Of course, since it is a romantic comedy, we know from the beginning that go together. But for once, a romantic comedy gives his characters the dignity of knowing things that we do not know. They are adults, and therefore the scar and has every reason to avoid pain. The richness of the characters makes the story to develop in the sand and so nuanced.

Outweigh the "Friends with benefits" is that the change of manners, styles to change the rules change, and even changes of humor. (There are two jokes involving applications of all the things that are quite funny.) However, the emotional needs of people are the same from one period to the.

Between the lines, there is another suggestion, a brave one movie could have tried to deny a false feminist movement: the type of calming the situation described above - in which people try to have sex Sex without emotion - can not be good for anyone, but favors the male nature. In most cases, is likely to be worse for women.

As comedians, gives Kunis, full of inventions and emotionally present and Timberlake is a strong, precise, and slightly cool. We do believe that it would be good to each other, and they are. Two Member States can support, Patricia Clarkson as his free-spirited mother, his father and Richard Jenkins as a journalist.

But, of course, the final media is an intelligent script. In the "friends of the benefits," when the two argue, and one is wrong from the point of view this effort based on what is right. One frustrating thing in life, because it happens so often, but welcome to the movies, because it is so rare.


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