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The Smurfs (2011) review

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Neil Patrick Harris smurf accounts like everyone else. Or maybe you have to pay the Smurfs.

Who Knows? At the end of the inevitable "The Smurfs" movie, when the linguistic oddities in the little blue sprite a level similar to Yoda inconsistency.

But once you are trying to combine the Smurfs, there is a better film than anyone could have anticipated, largely due to an honest effort to Harris in a thankless role.

For those who have seen the ads, even passable on the big screen "The Smurfs" seems like a miracle, trailer makes it look like a long coil of torture and sexual innuendo little blue Smurfs. However, it is the rare film in the worst parts are in promotions. Parents who drew the short straw will be happy to know that the film is not a god awful. It is refreshing poor. Add this review on the DVD cover.

"The Smurfs" begins in a village, a live action version of the psychedelic aspect of the world of comics and cartoons in the morning. A vortex is based animated Smurf Papa, Smurf Smurfette awkward, and the other in Central Park, and meet the marketing for Patrick Winslow (Harris), the remains of his home destroyed - and keep - your career and get chased by the forces of evil, for reasons never completely meaningless. Yes, it's like an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie.

A proposal for accompanying adults find excuses to leave (plus power meter popcorn, a game bird in anger in the hall ...) at any time, the sorcerer Gargamel intriguing comes to the screen. Hidden beneath the prosthetic make up for his Hank Azaria and the lack of offensive lines by exaggerating good.

"The Smurfs" will be better there. There is a spirit sporadic - the voiceover done by Smurf Narrator, and the jokes are plentiful on the 99-1 male / female ratio in Smurfland. The authors make a nice little reference Peyo, Belgian artist who created "The Smurfs" in 1950.

And Harris, of the law against most of marshmallow peep-size animated creations is convincing and sympathetic at all times. No doubt Harris will laugh their participation in this movie the next time hosts a ceremony, but do not be fooled. It takes a good actor to save a bad movie.

"The Smurfs" is not terrible, but language experts may disagree. For example, when a character says he's "Smurf creek without a paddle," the word "smurf" is either an adjective or a proper name. At other times, "Smurf" is a verb. One can only hope William Safire, Smurf presents for the future.


Director: Raja Gosnell

Writers: Peyo (characters), J. David Stem (screenplay), and 5 more credits »

Stars: Hank Azaria, Katy Perry and Jonathan Winters


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